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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

So we found a place up north. I’m so happy to be getting out of the county. Although I will miss being only a few minutes away from mom. Her and I need to do another brainstorming sesh. My ideas are falling flat and I’m not sure what to write about. I have some ideas…. But like I said, not great.

How do you guys get all your amazing writing ideas? What inspires your writing?

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Monday What I Wants

* to get caught up

So I started this long list of what I wants and the truth is it all has to do with Getting Caught Up. Last May, some of you may remember, the girls and I moved three times in one month. I was so thrown, so overworked and so sad, I fell far behind in everything. That’s why the the rest of this summer is mine to do what I want. Like rest. And do what I need to feel like I have a chance to get my feet under me. (Will I ever be stable again?)

What are your wants?

Can you control them?

How’s the writing?

Let’s go to dinner at the beginning of August. Reading: 200 words. Of anything–what you are writing or what you have read that you love. Or hate.

Let’s have a theme.

I’m thinking right now.

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Three Thing Thursday

From Kyra
The week is flying by.Yesterday I looked at some possible rentals in salt lake. Cross your fingers. I’ve been reading some fantastic books this summer. {reviews coming soon! } I sent my novel off to the amazing Stephen Fraser. Send me and the novel some good book vibes. I think it’s gonna be an amazing rest of the summer!!
from Cheryl Can Eck
I am fascinated by natural disasters. Whenever there is a natural disaster of any kind, anywhere in the world, you can bet I’ll be tuning in for hours and hours of coverage.
Of course, I never rejoice in fatalities or casualties….I always hope and pray that each and every person got out safely. But I love seeing the raw power of nature, and how it brings out the true character of all those caught in her path. Bodybuilders become cowards. Introverts become heroes. First responders become saints.
What could a natural disaster add to your story? Especially to the murky middle.  Whose character most needs to be revealed? Would your protagonist run and hide at the sight of a tornado? Would they freeze like a deer in headlights at the first tremble of an earthquake? Would they race into a wildfire to try and find a loved one, or give them up for dead? The answer may surprise you.
From Brenda Bensch
How hot was the weather where you were today?  It was 102 at my place, and I was completely enervated by all that heat — didn’t even make it out of the house and away from my constantly-running air conditioning.
Weather always affects us one way or another.  How have you used weather in your writing?  The weather has been all the news this last year or so.  WHETHER we believe in “climate change” or not, there have been some truly unusual weather events over the last many, many months.
If weather is brought into your story — and it should be — how will it affect your plot?  Your characters?  Their actions?  Their emotions?  Their responses to other characters?  The way they deal with whatever other crises may be going on in their lives?
If the weather is extremely unusual, or even just “extreme,” how might that change your story?


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People We Plan to Interview

Chris Crowe

Cynthia Leitich SMith

Ilima Todd

Jennifer White

Julie Berry

John Cusick

Brooks Sherman

Cheri Pray Earl

Ann Dee Ellis

Jandy Nelson

Julie Olson

Courtney Alameda

Greg Leitich Smith

Anyone you want to hear from? Let us know.



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