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Writing errr Reading Challenge for Your Holiday Pleasure

Okay, so every writing teacher tells you if you want to be a good writer you must do two things: read and write.
Look over the books you read in 2009.
What were your favorites?
Now really look at them. No, I don’t mean stare. I mean think about these novels.
What makes them work? What are the strengths? Where is the power? How can you imitate what you see? How does the author use voice?
Verbs? How is the plot? The subplots? Do you have too many subplots? Not enough? A weak plot? Can you say what the story is of your faves in 25 words or less? Can you say what your own story is in 25 words or less?
How can you learn from your favorite authors? What is your favorite line? Why? How does the author surprise you? How can you surprise your reader?
These questions can go on and on.
And on.
But Christmas is coming and you have presents to wrap.

Really reading can really teach you to become a stronger, better writer.”


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