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Ann Dee: You Guys, Seriously Post Your Goals. Carol is Ruthless

But in a good way. Like she really will be diligent and check on you and then you’ll feel all motivated (not guilty, never ever guilty) every day and you won’t be able to keep yourself from writing and writing and writing.

For example, today I had some writing time. Quiet, happy writing time. I sat down to the computer and immediately wrote 1500 words. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I am now going to list the websites I check before I start writing. These websites are strictly for research purposes only. Then, usually never, but sometimes I check those same websites again after I’ve written a paragraph. Just to see if anything has changed. After that I might be hungry from all the research. Or at least thirsty.  Is my phone ringing? No, it’s a text. Back to writing. Always writing, never doing anything but writing during writing time.

Here’s the list:

1. People.com: There are a lot of important things you can learn about life from celebrities. They struggle with the same things we all do. Exactly. In order to write a novel that rings with true emotion, I have to read up on Angelina’s life.

2. MSNBC.com: I need to be up on the news. World news. National news. Local news. It’s all there. I especially like the crime and courts section and the life section. (I never read the entertainment section because I’m not shallow). This helps me with contextual information for my writing.

3. Dateline: I don’t have TV. I sometimes read transcripts of murder. Also very very important.

4. KSL Classifieds: This is my local classifieds site. One of the characters in my book just moved into a house and needs some new old items. I want it to feel authentic so I like to see what things are going for in my neighborhood.

5. BYU.edu: My job. Just to make sure I still have a job sort of. One that pays me money.

6. Gmail: All Day Long.

7. Shade clothing: For character clothing ideas.

8. 384 blogs: Research. Research. Research. I especially like design sponge. Useful DIY ideas for my characters.

9. Hulu: NOYB

10: My own website: ha ha ha ha ha for the second time in one post.

Are these procrastination tactics? Are they fear tactics (see Ann’s post)? Are they haggard mom needs a rest tactics (see my last post)? Probably all of them.

So here are my goals:

1. To start writing IMMEDIATELY during designated writing time. This means NO CHECKING websites. NONE. NOT even PEOPLE.COM. Do you hear me? Do you? Continue to write the entire time internet free.

2. Stop using caps.

3. Finish that one novel that I don’t know how to write nor want to write. No starting new projects until this one has an ending. Try to make it have an ending by the end of January.

4. Start a new MG novel after bad novel is done (dessert).

5. Write daily (sorry to copy, Sarah).

6. Rewrite Dolly PB.

7. Get Angelina or someone equally as, you know, people.comish, to guest blog. I’m serious. This is very very important. We have to know what celebrities are reading/writing. Do you have any connections? Can you help?

I think that’s it. Number 1 is going to be the hardest and I’m not going to even attempt it until January 1st because all things magic happen then.

These are my goals and I’m sticking to them.

The end.


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