Writing Challenge: The Plot

We’ve looked a bit into plot this week. Our writing challenge for this week is a three/four-parter.

First, write down the plot of your novel in 25 words or less.
Second, read Alane’s comment to Carol’s blog on Monday.
Third, break your idea down into chapters–even if they are one-word ideas.
Fourth, look at all that stuff Alane suggests looking for–things like themes and over-arcing ideas and you know . . . stuff.

We’d love for you to share.

P.S. Alane promises to be a guest blogger for us. So keep your eyeballs peeled.


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5 responses to “Writing Challenge: The Plot

  1. Louise Plummer

    I found this blog. I’m slow, I know, but I found it! But I’m not writing a comment. I’m not plotting a comment, nor outlining a comment. I’m not even characterizing a comment.

  2. Amy

    I want to do this and maybe I’ll do it privately. I kind of have a couple of months ago…

    But, if I reveal the plot I’ve got nothing. What makes my story exciting to me are the twists and turns that you never saw coming, so I want to keep that under wraps as much as I can.

    I did kill off a major character in the first 10 chapters though…


  3. Carol


    There’s no way you can tell all the twists and turns of your novel in a plot that is 25 words or less.
    So I might say, “Kyra lives with her family in a strict polygamist community. When she begins to question her beliefs, and push back, her life is turned upside down.” That’s 26 words.

    The twists and turns come out in the chapter by chapter outline.

    Some people cannot say, in a nutshell, what their story is about. And if they can’t that may mean they have too much story or not enough.

  4. Story #1 Young Joan of Arc struggles to understand who God is, why He has chosen her, and who she can trust in a dangerous political time.

    Story#2 (middle grade chapter) Charlotte tries everything to hide what’s really going on at her house. When someone close to her finds out, she must face a life changing decision.

    Story#3 (YA) Nicole managed her highschool life just fine until January 16th. Her sensitivities to the paranormal could save or destroy her and others.

    There are more.

  5. Amy

    Now that I’ve had a nap, I see that the 25 word or less thing makes a world of difference. Duh. Carol you are so right. Let’s see…

    Eve is a homeless teenager from New Orleans who has never had a place to belong. She is sucked through a portal into a magical world where she learns to trust and love.

    Cripple lives with her abusive “aunt” who is an evil sorceress. Her life changes when she accidentally frees the boy who is trapped in the basement.

    (My book Cripple is about a girl who struggles with the effects of emotional abuse although it’s never defined or pointed out exactly. I’m just going to write all around it. I really want to portray the brainwashing and how it changes the whole self-view, physical and psychological.)

    Can you tell I like fairy tales? Carol I must say again, you are so right. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t have to reveal anything 🙂 The sound really boring/typical from the synopses though…


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