Carol: Book Idea

I have the very bestest idea for a book title. It is so good that I am keeping it to myself because I know that when people (who are sacrilegious) read this title they are going to want it for their very own. And I would not blame them.

What is cool about this title is that I have a story line to go with it and I think I want to write it in the short choppy line AND I know the why the girl is crazy.

Yes, that is part of the plot, too! The girl is crazy! Put all of those pieces together and guess what? You (meaning I) have a fantabulous novel forthcoming.

Of course, there is still the fact that I have write this book. And that dystopian, too. And there’s the rewrite of the other novel. And the idea I’m plotting with Jed Henry. But I am almost there. To this new book, I mean. All I have to do is move (yes, houses). And get a job. And sell more copies of my already-in-print novels. And stop worrying about what is going to really happen in 2012.

(Damn it! All I want is a house with a bit of land and some chickens. And two goats. And a milk cow. And a farm hand. And a stream with clean fresh water and a big indestructible plexiglass bubble to protect us from radiation [I don’t care what happens when that bubble seals off Springfield and the Simpsons] and orange trees and a few Clementine trees and a talent for playing the piano. Is that too much to ask? No, I didn’t think so.)

Last night my daughters went to a concert (probably a screamo-crapo concert–name Winds of Plague–I suggest everyone avoid them like the plague) and one of the boys she was with got both his eyes blacked and Kyra now has this lump in her leg and big bruises on not one arm, but two of her arms (yes, yes, I know what you are thinking but I don’t care I am leaving this line just like it is.).

And do you know what I have? I darn good idea for a book! After I finish everything. And move somewhere where I can live off the fatatheland.

I’m just saying.

PS–When you get the chance, read this. It’s great. And I mean it.
10 Rules for Writing Fiction from Atwood, Gaiman, and more


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21 responses to “Carol: Book Idea

  1. Come live by me. There are plenty of places for chickens and two goats and a milk cow and a stream and a farm hand, AND I can help you with the piano thing. I don’t know about the plexi-glass bubble, but I’d be all over using awesome machinery to dig out a fall-out shelter for you.

    I can also help you hunt down whoever bruised and lumped Kyra. Cuz I have a few words and – we’ll leave it at that.

    I am glad you have an idea, wait no, a fantabulous idea for another book.

    p.s. I like you.

  2. Amy

    I hear ya on the busy thing. I’m in the middle of divorcing my abusive husband. It’s really interfered with my writing this month…

    So Kyra was either fighting or in a mosh pit…

  3. Crap, Amy. That sucks. I’m sorry. And I thought I was having a bad few days because of illness pain.

    On a Kyra side note, mosh pits are awesome.

  4. you can buy my house, Carol. There’s room for chickens and goats (my neighbors have peacocks and horses and chickens and goats and other stuff, too).

    • Carol

      Are you moving?
      For sure?

      How much land?

      • It’s a third of an acre, and there’s even an irrigation ditch close by, which sometimes looks like a pretty stream! And there’s an apartment attached that rents for around $1000/month, which helps with the mortgage. And also, a really rocking office in the backyard for writing.

        We’re pretty sure (today) we’re moving. Most likely to one of the units in our triplex downtown. Trying to get out from under our over-leveraged life. 🙂

  5. Carol


    I think that Ann Dee Character is putting lots of typos in my blog entries.
    They are FLAWLESS when I email them to her.

  6. It sounds like you might want to consider Alaska, except for the cold weather. I mean, you can live of the fatofthelan and there’s lots of land. We live on 3.5 acres but only three miles from the University(job), and have a big garden. And, I heat my house with wood. So, come on up. Except, yeah, it’s cold, sometimes. Did I mention that it’s dark too, except for the summer when it’s always light. Yeah, only crazy people live up here. So…

    It sounds like your life is bursting with creativity right now. If you put a plexi-glass bubble over your house I think all that creative energy would blow it to bits.

    Good luck, cuz, with all your transitions, moshpits, and chickens. I know it’s not the easiest of times, and I appreciate your honesty on all those fronts. And, I bet that new book of yours will knock the socks off of countless readers.

  7. Salt Lake County just decided that if you live on 1.3 acres or more you can have chickens, even in a residential area. You have to have a permit for them, but you can have them. Residential chickens who are permitted. I like this concept.

  8. Don’t plot with artists. They are kuh-ray-zee!

  9. I think if you had lots of land and a farm and coats and clementines and laundry and hung on a line, then you wouldn’t have enough time to write. And then what would I read?

  10. Carol

    You missed the part about the (good looking, sweet, rich and kind) Farm Hand (who doesn’t mind that I am old and chubby).


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