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Hi Lovelies: Events

Did you ever love February?

With the snow and ice and no Christmas but yes Valentines which never ever ever disappoints? And what about President’s Day. Ehh?

Here are some things you can do to ease the winter stale air:

1. Watch the people march on a street.

2. Make pretzels.

3. Get samples at Costco.

4. Eat dry spaghetti

5. Go see Richard Peck and Polly Horvath at the King’s English next week.*

6. Watch orphans.

7. Visit a local museum with dead animals.

8. Watch the girls cry about boys.

9. Buy Everything is Fine in Paperback (coming out March 1st).

10. Read a book. Or two.

Any other ideas?

Tomorrow: Kyra’s book review and details about the upcoming March Mar-a-thon . . . hold your breath!



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