Kyra: On Writing

My blog today isn’t gonna be great, so if you’d like you can just skim over it now.
It’s on something I’ve been thinking about a lot, tho.
Writing. {holy shocker!!!!}
Well, not just writing, but how HARD it is.

I’ve finally started my first YA story {can’t say novel because it’s hardly even there} and I never realized how. freaking. hard. writing is.
How do people like my mother {the best writer in the world} and Ann Dee {the second best writer in the world} put emotion on the page like they do?
My story is supposed to have a lot of emotion {whose isn’t, tho?} and I have no idea how to even do it! I’ve taken the classes and read hundreds of books, and yet I’m still having a hard time!!!

After you figure out the emotion, how do you make something fake seem real?
Courtney Summers, Jandy Nelson, Laurie Halse Anderson…They all write stories about kid’s I’ve known, kids I’ve met.
HOW? How do you people do it? How do you think up a person and make it seem real. Because when I try, it’s an absolute joke!

Then you have to build a place, and write the storyline and believe it.
YOU, the writer, has to believe it or no one will.
When I write, all I see is a bunch of fake stuff coming from my thoughts just written out on a page. IT’S INSANE!

So yes, this is a short post. But I just want to say to all you writers out there…
I never knew how hard it was to write!
I now know it’s even harder to make money writing than, like, working at any other job! No wonder you’re all drama queens! You can’t afford to comfort yourselves with chocolate or sappy romance movies. I think I’m going to fit in with you people . . . . 🙂
Writing is hard! But if we didn’t have writers, I wouldn’t have books. If I didn’t have books, I wouldn’t be who I am today! Neither would a million other people.

Sorry this blog had a ton of I’s and sounded very self-interested…I’m just speaking my mind. 🙂


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6 responses to “Kyra: On Writing

  1. Carol

    It’s clear you should be buying me the chocolate, Kyra.

    Here is one bit of reassurance (though I haven’t seen a thing you’ve written): A lot of what you’re talking about comes in revision. When you read one of Anderson’s or Summers’ books, they have already been through the manuscript many, many, MANY times. (Ann Dee and I only have to do one rewrite-hahahahahahah!)

    So keep going. Find that character you like and follow her on her journey. You can do it.

    As well, try not think of anything but scenes–and write those. Sometimes knowing you have to write so much–a whole novel–is scary. But you can write a scene. I know–I’ve heard several Christmas plays of yours. I think you already have the climax in mind, right? Do you? So, a scene here, a scene there. And then guess what? You’re on your way.

    It’s important to know that revision is a writer’s best friend.
    And chocolate.



  2. I say, (do I get to give advice since I’ve haven’t tried to publish anything yet?) study human behavior. Watch body language, your surroundings. Take pieces from your own memory. We remember visually.

    For scenes, I go back to memory as well. And I see places that have stuck with me. Places I have never forgotten. The smells, the angles, the people, the little details. I don’t have to use that specific place, but it helps me think of things that are worth noting, worth writing about. And I can take those feelings and details and assign them to other objects.

    I have no doubt, Kyra, that I will be reading your books someday. Courtney Summers has a brutal, naked honesty in her writing. And just from what I’ve read from you on here, I think you’re capable of a stunning honesty that so many will relate to.

  3. Amy

    My only advice is take plenty of time to daydream and imagine your story. You have to live it in your head first before you can get it down on paper.

  4. kyra

    Aww Thank you guys!!

  5. No advice, Kyra, but I did buy myself “The Sky is Everywhere” based solely on your recommendation. I even did it before April. Yeah. Blew the book budget.


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