Hello Lovelies,

Do you ever sleep under a big pile of clean clothes? I never do that.

Also, I love this book:

We read it all the time and the best part? Except for the recipe she looks up in her cookbook, there are no words. It’s one of the best wordless picture books I have ever read. It has it all: character you know (and love), clear plot, excellent pacing, and a satisfying ending. The best part is my three year old loves to “read” it to me.

So this morning when I woke up I decided to do something extra special for breakfast.

I said to my little boy: Do you want me to make the pancakes from the book?

He said: No.

I said: From Pancakes for breakfast? [because there’s a real recipe in there and whenever we read it I think I’m going to make those, I’m going to be so awesome and wake up one morning and feel like being so awesome and I’ll say, do you want me to make the pancakes from the book? And he’ll be so excited and watch me crack the eggs and we’ll talk about literacy and I’ll be so awesome].

He said: No.

I said: Yes you do. It’s going to be so fun.

So then he and his brother threw all their toys down the stairs while I made a recipe that includes sifting [which I didn’t do but still–it’s in the recipe]. The pancakes came out golden and perfect and I was so happy. The recipe in the book really works!

Come eat! Come eat! Get up husband! Come here kids! Come eat! It’s from the book! Come eat!

They sat down at their stools that are subs for tables because our table is dismantled and supposedly going to be painted by me but it’s been two weeks but I’m going to be so awesome and paint the table! Look guys! the table! It’s going to get painted!

And they ate three bites.

My son: I don’t like pancakes.

My other son: No pancakes.

My husband: Snore.

You guys! Are you so awesome! I am so awesome! I ate fourteen pancakes from this book Pancakes for Breakfast! Do you think I’m awesome! I am so awesome!

The end.

Are you coming tonight? 5:30 at Thai Ruby which is just southeast of BYU. We are going to have Masaman Curry with a side of Pad Thai. We are also going to discuss important things like why my hair is so fluffy despite it supposedly being a Hot Haircut that cost me lots of money and now I look like Barbara Bush (not that that’s bad) (that might also be why I’m not posting pictures–if I get it looking like a Hot Haircut again I MIGHT post a picture but then I’d have to find a cord and I don’t know where a cord is so I probably won’t be posting a picture). Are you coming? Come.


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20 responses to “Pancakes

  1. Amy

    *sigh* wish I was in Utah so I could come to Ruby Thai. I love that place, but more importantly, I’d love to have dinner with ya’ll.

  2. I think we’re living in parallel universes, except it’s a dresser that I’m going to strip, not a table I’m going to paint.

    And the pancakes? Yeah. Been there. Thank you Tomie de Paola.

  3. Ann Dee, I think you are so awesome. Because you were awesome and woke up and made awesome pancakes from the book. Cuz, how awesome is that? To make THE pancakes from the pancake book. I say unto you, very awesome.

    I was going to say, yes I have slept under a pile of clean laundry, but then I thought, wait, no I haven’t because this is the internet and I would never admit to something like that. So, me neither.

    I’m calling rain check on the dinner. Good news is, two weeks from Today I get to see you all. Yay for me.

  4. CLW

    If you ate all those pancakes are you going o be hungry tonight?
    Prolly not.

    But, I will there!
    ‘Cause I love curry.
    If it’s not hot.

    Not hot as Ann Dee’s Hot Mama hair.

  5. Angie

    Mmm. Now I’m thinking pancakes for lunch. We’ll call it brunch to make my kids happy, but it will be after noon when we eat.

    Also, I hate hair. I’ve had a Mom haircut, but it wasn’t hot. It was just a mess, not even a hot mess. Which is why you’ll see me tonight in either my typical ponytail or bun, but I’ll be there!

  6. I wish I could come.

    Maybe you could have your dinner in Hawaii next time? It would be fun.

    It made me laugh–that sounds just like my kids. I finally decide to be a good mom and do something exciting, and my kids are not cooperative.

    Also, that’s also why I hardly ever cook while my husband is gone. My kids never eat it. And I end up with way too much food.
    I made soup the other day, and my six-year old was so impressed. “My mom made soup all by herself!”

    I’m glad that at least you got to enjoy your pancakes.

    • Isn’t a bummer when you make a big meal and no one eats it? Happens to me all the time, all the time I say. Sometimes I want to give up but then I get sick of eating macaroni and cheese all my life.

      Wish I were in Hawaii with you!

  7. I very much want to come to dinner tonight. But DH had his wisdom teeth out Friday and is now suffering form dry socket in two places. And I think it would be just plain cruel to leave him with the kids. Maybe I will bring the baby for a few minutes. Just so Carol doesn’t hate me.

  8. You are so stinkin’ funny. You should give up the furniture refinishing job and write something sometime…like THAT PICTURE BOOK with the little girl who didn’t have anything special about herself. Eat on a upside down box. You can put the uneaten pancakes inside and recycle it.

  9. Thanks guys, that was fun. Here is one site I’m strating to follow:

    and the other agent that seems to do a give-away a month is:

  10. Kyra

    To be completely honest….I’ve slept under a few piles of clothes. Some clean and some…not so much.

  11. man, I wish I had been there for the pancakes. I love pancakes. especially literary ones.
    I think I tend to sleep on top of clothes piles more than under them…clean and dirty. but not that often…


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