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Well, Marathoners . . .

How are you? Are you writing? Sweating? Stretching out your legs to avoid traveling tumors?

I haven’t written anything today at all (since way early this morning when I was able to get quite a bit done–yahoo!) but after this game tonight

(yes, Carolina¬† has another game–woot!woot!) I will get into the writing. Serously.

I hope.

I hope I will.

I have to.

Because my goal is higher than last time and well, I can’t lose in front of you all, can I?

Then who will dance with me?
Well, Lucinda and Kyra will.

But who else?

I bet Ann Dee won’t.¬† And why not? Because she is SWG (Superior Writing Goddess). And we know how THOSE people can be.

Get back to work everyone.

There’s nothing to see here.


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Get Ready, Get Set . . . Go! I said, GO!

So that’s how we said it when I was a kid.

Okay all you girl lovelies and boy lovelies. It is time for our SECOND 2010 Writing Marathon.

And look at the time.

That’s right, I’m starting at 3:49 in the AM.

WHY? I can’t sleep?
WHY? Well, we don’t have time for that. We only have time to WRITE!!!!

A few questions for you (this is part of your writing challenge, too):

1. Do you have your book at the ready? Or your idea? Or the whatever you are going to work on?

2. Do you have your trainer/buddy/friend/pal at the ready? Are they waiting nearby with yummies to eat and drink? Are they standing by ready to massage your aching shoulders and pat your aching head? Or have they gone a trip that will take them far, far away?

3. Have you thought about your goal that we asked you to think about last week on what you needed to get past in this writing marathon?

4. Have you all sent me the hundred dollar bills?

5. Will you please share you methods of madness (straight through writing, one hour on one off etc)?

6. Are you already thinking of the dress you will wear at the reading (Neil, I’m asking you)?

7. And have you forgotten The Dance in August (where we will play Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga and The Killers and lots of other songs I love because NONE OF YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A PLAYLIST)?

8. Why in the heck are you still reading this? Get writing!

Wahoozie! And we’re off!

PS Tomorrow! Interview with the Rich and Famous and Cute Sara Zarr!

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