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Rocking Cow and 2010 WIFYR


I am stuffed with popcorn and wheat thins and I think it’s important to say that wasn’t last week so exhausting?And so worth it? So full?

Sometimes I get all sentimental and think about the walls of buildings and what they see and how they experience and a week that will never happen again but did happen whether we remember every detail or not and we are different because of it. And those same walls will have other awesome weeks and months and years and then everyone leaves and are they drained? Do they get tired from all the energy and laughing and crying (oh the crying) and tripping and revealing and whatever else goes on in there? Such lucky walls. Such tired walls. And they don’t even have to scrapbook about it.

When I was on my way home from the conference I was thinking about how awesome it had been, and how exhausted i was, and how I wished I was more rested to see my family. For some reason I imagined the week would be restful (ha ha ha ha ha), that I’d have time to go the mall (ha ha ha). Of course it was not restful and I did not go to the mall and I was nervous I was going to be heavy and maybe even cranky right off the bat.

Then I saw my boys.

Do you ever see your boys?

On the lawn? In their mismatched pajamas and running around their dad and one has a stick and the other wants the stick and they are waiting for you?

And they are older looking and taller and what happened to their hair while I was gone?

But they see my car because their dad points it out and they start screaming, MOMMY!

They tackled me and jumped on my stomach and it hurt but I laughed because I hadn’t been jumped on for five days and they put on my name tag because I was still wearing it because I think we’re supposed to wear it at least a few months after the conference (is that right, Carol?) and they pulled my hair and each other’s hair and their dad’s hair and I was so happy to be home.

And not tired.

I am amazed at how rejuvenated I feel. How excited I am about everything. My house looked new to me. The laundry looked almost the same size as when I left. My garden had bloomed a bit.

And I am newly resolved to write. Write a little every day. To finish what I’ve started and to be who I want to be. It makes a difference. Sometimes we forget that we can do it.

We can.

And now, with that week, we have others that know we can too.

I think that’s all.

I do love you all. And I’m so glad we have each other.

This is sentimental and I am not ashamed.

The End.

P.S. If you didn’t make it this year, we missed you. There will be lots of other weeks. Ask the walls.


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2010 Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers and ALA

Last week was amazing. Really.

Our 11th year for WIFYR and we were at a new venue and the attendees and the faculty were pretty darn cool. I don’t think one person left the conference unchanged.

Not exact quotes, but here are two (of many) things I learned.

From Brandon Mull: When you stop thinking you can learn something new about writing, you stop learning. This from a 2 million book best selling author. I was impressed by Brandon’s humor and humility. His workshop class loved him.

From Bonny Becker: Get rid of the good for the great. Inspired words from this EB White Award winner.  I’m reading her book The Magical Ms. Plum. It’s quite clever. Bonny’s class loved her, too.

In fact, there was love all around.

And a lot of cheering when Andrea Brown agent, Mary Kole, danced up on stage to a rewritten version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Tomorrow I head off to ALA with a few of my girls. Afterward, we’ll visit with my dad and step-mom and my cousins Kelly and Jeff. It’s finally starting to feel a little like summer here in UT and this is a great way to springboard into the heat.

Of course, I’ll have to come home and write that DD.

But that’s okay. I’m thinking I can maybe do it.

And PS guess what? I have the cover to my newest book called Miles from Ordinary. I’ll see if I can get Kyra to post it. 🙂


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