I’m So Far Behind, I Can See My Own Butt–Or Young Love

So it’s official. The real deal. I sent out the contract. The contract for the DD. (Can you believe I am still whining about this? Can you? I can’t. I CAN’T!) All that paperwork is headed to Macmillan. And I’ve signed the paperwork. And now I have to do it. I have to DO IT. I’m shaking myself at this whole thing.

This week seems like it will be the perfect week for a girl who has to get a novel done. But I’m not so sure. All my daughters are headed off to camp which means I will be alone (except for my Killer Dog.). By myself. The house quiet, no one running in to ask if they can use the computer or watch TV or whatever. Just one at my feet who will be hoping I’ll throw the tennis ball with her. And I will. (But I won’t like it. Spit. Ick! Wait, is it spit if it’s from a Killer Dog? Hmmm.)

The thing is–and I think you all already know this, I like my family. I like them around. I don’t like to be alone. So.

So so so.

Sew buttons on your underwear.

“Hey, what you’re saying makes no sense.”

“Shut up! I know this is disjointed.  It’s too early for anything else, ding dang it.”

So can I do it all by myself? Get the writing done?
This is, after all, my test–of sorts.

For two reasons.

One: Obvious schmobvious. I have this signed contract now. The Done Deal. The New Done Deal. For heaven’s sake, I could have a theme park built, fashioned after my DD. And I have four days with the girls playing somewhere else.

Two: One day my girls will grow up and leave me. I’ll be all alone. Two already have. And these next three–well, two of the three have boyfriend types. That leaves Carolina who said to me the other day, “Mom, did you know that pretty soon it’s just going to be you and me?” I didn’t spank her for saying that. But I was shocked at her words. After the others go, well, you know, that means Nina will find someone. [I told her that he has to be tall, good-looking and way nice. She just looked at me. Stuck her tongue behind her braces rubber band and tried to shoot it (the band, not her tongue) across the room.  At 12, she’s not that interested in guys. And anyway, she gets to see lots of cute [and not-so-cute] boys wander through here.] But last night–this is good–one wanna be BF brought his cute younger brother–a year older than Carolina–when he came for a visit.

And this leads me to something else.

Young love.

I’ve been watching it around here. A lot. For years now. And I know why it’s good to have it in our books. This is compelling stuff. I will just say that these boys, all of my daughters boyfriends (wanna be or tried and true), are very good-looking.  Even the 13-yr old from last night was cute. This helps the plot, as far as I’m concerned. One is a rugby player. One is a skate boarder. One is in love and can’t get my daughter to see that he’s devoted to her. Is that a novel or what? Oh my gosh, it so is.

It’s something my DD needs. More romance. I have some, you see, but not enough. And I know I want to get main girl and main guy together. And I know that main guy likes someone else. And I know how to get rid of THAT girl (this is a dystopian novel–you guess how  she’s removed. I’ll give you a hint. It won’t be pretty.). But then how do I get him over his old love and kissing on the main girl? Hmmm? (Darn it! I do know how to do this. More pages. I’m just not sure what words to put on those pages.)

So–I was talking to Alane Ferguson a while back. If you don’t know Alane, you should. She’s great. Anyway, she says to me,”Stephenie Meyer is a genius.”

I won’t tell you my response.

“Do you know what she does in these books of hers?”

I won’t tell you what I said to that, either.

“She has a love triangle. Isn’t that brilliant?”

(I can say this next part.) “Alane. It’s a romance novel. Of course there’s a love triangle.”

“No, you don’t understand. She likes two boys (or whatever they are) and they both like her back. Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that a good idea?”

“That’s a romance novel idea. Ro-mance. Haven’t you ever read a romance novel?”



But she hadn’t. Not until the you-know-what series. Ca-razy!

My point, though, is that romance is a good thing.

And so is time alone–maybe.

All I have to do is work steadily (ahahaha) and fix my love triangle.

Oh sigh.


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19 responses to “I’m So Far Behind, I Can See My Own Butt–Or Young Love

  1. Does DD now stand for Done Deal?

    I watched a documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright the other night and he was always over committed.

    And if he had money advanced to him he would spend it all on pianos or a new home addition.

    Or whatever.

    He said being on the edge made him create.

    And the craziest example is where he seemingly squandered the time he was afforded to “be creative.”

    He had six months to design what would become his masterpiece, Falling Water.

    He had his apprentices map the lot and each tree and boulder for the first three months.

    The next three months he did nothing on paper.

    At the end of the six months the client calls to say he is about two hours away and would like to drop by and see the drawings.

    Mr. Wright says come on over.

    SO as the client is driving over, Mr. Wright is drawing four complete architectural drawings. First floor, Second floor, Section, and Elevation.

    Mr. Wright finishes and gets up, walks to the door and opens it to the client standing there.

    Mr. Wright says, come on in. We have been waiting for you.

    You could do that Carol.

    You have been doing this for so long, you could perform under that kind of pressure.

    Four days is plenty of time.

    Mr. Wright had created it all in his mind, digested it, sweated it out at night in dream, labored subconsciously and consciously, and so when it came down to translating it for an audience, the drawing was automatic and genius.

    I have a feeling all the complaining about the DD is part of your genius process.

  2. Kyra

    ‘One is in love and can’t get my daughter to see that he’s devoted to her.’
    This offends me.
    I think you should use this week to:
    Meet 20 year old men.
    Finish the Damned Dystopian.
    Read the books I’ve suggested to you.
    Start on Jesus.

    You could even do the DD in the morning {7-11}
    Meet men at lunch time (maybe i should say BOYS?) {12-3}
    Work on Jesus {4-8}

    There! I’ve written out your schedule for the week. that word looks weird.

  3. Good luck finishing your novel, Carol! I’m curious to hear about the setting for this piece.
    I’ve got some fun developments cropping up in the romance of my WIP as well… I wasn’t expecting to do much with it in this book, but it’s rather interesting.

    • Carol

      Thank you, Nick.

      And a romance, huh?
      Very interesting!
      I didn’t notice much romance in your writing when we were in class together.
      But then there were people in that class who would have hated the romance . . . and said something to you in front of everyone.


  4. Was that sentence for you, Kyra? I thought it was for Cait. So many boys in love with you ladies. They all want to show their devotion.

    I agree with Neil, Carol. You could rock this DD in a week. Diamonds are born from pressure.

    And yes, the complications of teenage hearts are on full display at your house. Good luck with that. 😉

    • Carol

      The sentence was for Kyra.
      Oh, the poor, poor boys that flock around.

      I can tell you, Lucinda, some of it has been pretty funny to watch.
      The truth is, I like the boy that loves Kyra. He’s a good kid.

      So much good stuff going on!

      • Kyra Leigh, did you not tell me about this one? I’m offended. 😉

        I’m sure it’s funny to watch. It’s been fun to listen to some of it. (From them.)

        Yes, you have so much good stuff going on with your pretties. They’re pretty exceptional, like their mommy.

  5. I’m so far behind, I thought I was first.

    You can do anything, Carol. Any thing. You know it.

    • Carol

      Thank you, Lynne.

      I am writing today. And I wrote yesterday.
      I am doing the laundry, too.
      The house is quiet.
      I did have the cooking channel on, but I wanted to go watch TV.

      I’ll keep plugging away. I actually thought I was going to write, like, a lot.
      But what I have done is write some.
      And that is good, because at least it’s getting done.

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  7. Carol, Carol, Carol,
    Sweetie, you’ve done it now and signed the contract, but let me tell you, you’ve never disappointed me yet with a book you’ve published, so I know you can do it. And you know what? Every book you’ve written has been better than the one before, so yeah–I think you COULD have a theme park dedicated to your DD, which will likely become a runaway hit bestseller SERIES. Think about that one as you write this, kiddo. So your days with the girls out of the house are waning short. Stop writing blogs and hanging out on Facebook and get some real contracted writing done instead. Guess I’m off to take my own advice!
    Love you!!!!!! XOXOXOXO
    Lu Ann

    • Carol

      So this weird thing happens, Lu Ann.
      I sit down to write and I have to check all my favorite things–like my email and Facebook.
      But I am doing better. (See post to Lynne.)

  8. Good luck Carol! I know the DD will be fabulous.


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