Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Danger, Danger, Will Robbins!

Okay, something is afoot at the Circle K.

And here on this blog.

I’m just warning you.

So get ready.

Now it’s time for the writing challenge. We want you to look at a part of your manuscript (five pages or so) that’s giving you trouble.

#1. Think about this section. You have ten minutes to close your eyes and think. Think whatever it is you need to about this part of your WIP.

#2. Now, set a timer. You have 30-45 minutes to write–from scratch–this piece over again.

#3. Use every cliche, every adverb, every icky tag, you can. We WANT you to. Just write, straight, for the allotted time.

#4. Set the piece aside after your session is over.

#5. Tonight go back and look at your section and rewrite, clean things up, polish.

#6. Post how this helped the piece and the trouble you were having. Or maybe how it didn’t help.


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