Calling All Single Ladies


So I have decided after a very long rant to my friend Lucinda, that I am starting a book club.

A Single Ladies Book Club.

I’m sorry Ann Dee and Lucinda but neither of you can join, because well, you’ve got the old ball and chain {husbands} but anyone who ISN’T MARRIED  and ISN’T A BOY (unless they are really, really hot–though you may not want to go through the intense scrutiny and possible failure of not meeting our VERY high standards}  can join!

Wouldn’t that be fun? I’m still not sure HOW I’m going to run this book club, but I know I want to do it.

And I want members: people to pick out books and talk about books with me. Because sometimes I freak out my friends with my book rants. {sometimes=all times}

So anyone interested in helping me figure out how to set this up, or anyone who is  interested in joining, or anyone who has good ideas about terrific books, should email me via Facebook {my name is Kyra Leigh on Facebook}, or comment here.

There will be some rules. Like, no one under the age of 14, just because that kind of limits what we’ll get to read. And there won’t be many adult novels and absolutely NO TWILIGHT. Other than that I think anything else is okay . . .  though probably not porn–but that goes without saying, right?

Also, we’re doing big things in August. Big things like VIDEO BLOGS! and GIVEAWAYS!  and CONTESTS!

So stay tuned. =)

Book Recommendations
The Book Thief.
Lips Touch Three Times.
The Road.
The Rag and Bone Shop.


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16 responses to “Calling All Single Ladies

  1. I briefly considered leaving my husband for this. I think it’s a great idea, Kyra. It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of books appeal to this demographic, if there are any identifiable trends–although I bet their tastes will be broad and uncategorizable. Is that a word?

  2. How you going to stop us?

    I know some single ladies. I’ll give them a shout out.

    • Yeah, I’m with Ann Dee. If 45 year old men can pretend they’re 13 year old girls then Ann Dee and i will figure out a way. And one which is not perverted and grotesque. Ha Ha.

      Sounds fun, Kyra. And way cute picture by the way.

      • CLW

        Are you talking about that GREAT BIG OLD FAT HUGE BEARDED WHITE-HAIRED UGLY man who is pretending to be a girl on the computer? That NAKED one?

      • Carol, I was trying to keep it G rated. 😉
        Yeah, I’m saying if Creep-O-Las like
        that dude can be stealthy, then Ann Dee
        and I are so in. And we don’t even have
        beards and we are both supremely modest.
        Although Ann Dee did tell me about that one

  3. I am single and I am in!

  4. Amy

    How bout I’m old, but I’ll be single in about 3 weeks…Am I in? I need to read The Book Thief.


  5. I’m all for this. And I think we should give books extra points when the female lead manages to stay single in the end.

  6. Amy Finnegan

    I’m with Carol B and considering putting my wedding ring aside for this adventure.

    You homewrecker, Kyra!


  7. Well fine I didn’t want to be part of your book club anyway! 🙂

  8. Kyra

    Should I just make a facebook page for the book club or should we have discussions on the blog? I’m thinking facebook. . . .


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