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Writing Challenge: Horror Mystery

So Cheryl has sent out her post and now we are all thinking: “I gotta come up with a new idea to write!” or “Hey! I have that very idea sitting in my head!” or “I could write that!” As I read Cheryl’s post, I thought, “Hey, I have a scary book coming out next year. Sheesh. I hope it’s scary enough . . . ” And then I thought of another idea that I want to write that is also scary. And yes, dark. And feeling more interesting than what I’m working on right now.

So what IS your scary idea? Or your mystery idea? I know you got one! But even if you don’t, the writing challenge for today is to:

1. Do a bit of research on several beginnings to either/or a mystery novel or a scary book. DON’T leave this step out. Head down to your local library, your bookcase, or a bookstore. Start pulling books off the shelf. Have Cheryl point you in the right direction. It’s important to see what is out there and the format/set up of these kinds of novels.

2. Now, let’s see your best opening to either genre. 250 words is good.

3. Yes–there’s more. We want you to jump ahead with this idea. Now write just a plain, scary scene. This can go into either book, right? A good mystery can scare the daylights out of you. Keep it at 250 words, too. Share your writing.

4. Can you do anything with either piece? We’re interested in knowing this, too. But, if you are working on something already (like a DD), just set these two pieces aside until you have finished a draft of the book you’re working on. Because beginnings are always sexier than middles.

5. PS I think Ann Dee has something to tell us soon.

6. Winner of the writing contest will be announced tomorrow!


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