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Hi! I’m an Idiot {Winner}

I just wrote my blog. TWO WHOLE PAGES. And then guess what I did? Stepped on the stupid off button on the floor and lost everything. I’m such a winner. Mom is probably going to fire me from the blog because of this. grrrrrrrrraisdu

Speaking of WINNERS, here is our winner of the Character Contest and the $60.00 prize.

I wouldn’t wear it even if Kristin Chenoweth wore it, even if she did it on the cover of Vogue, and even if it said 5 HOTTEST TRENDS. I was trying to explain this to mom when she said something about HER DEAD BODY. Then I said some stuff and she said EXCUSE ME??? so I said it the way they say to in drama–from the diaphragm or something–and she said that I must think I was funny and I’LL GIVE YOU ONE MORE CHANCE, YOUNG LADY. And I said it again but this time it hurt my throat so I knew I was doing it wrong but I didn’t care.

She put the Crime Against Humanity with Polka Dots on my bed and said you have five minutes. Then she left.

And that’s when I wished I had a lock on my door.

And the name of the winner is Lisavee.

Congratulations! The contest picker said that we had a huge number of excellent writers and it was hard to choose a Number One.

Lisavee, please send Ann Dee or Carol your email address.

And everyone else, we’re gonna be having a lot more contests when we revamp the site! And I might stay away from the power cord next Friday.


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