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winners! giveaway! introduction!

Hi. This is Ally. The new girl. I’m going to introduce myself in a minute. But before that, let’s announce a couple of winners:

LISA is the winner of ZOMBIES vs. UNICORNS and

JULIETTE is the winner of THE DUFF!

E-mail us at throwingupwordsATgmailDOTcom to claim your books.

And today’s giveaway is for a hardcover copy of Brenna Yovanoff’s hot new book, The Replacement. Click here to find out more about it (it’s a spooky YA horror novel that’s generating tons of buzz). To enter, you can comment on the link or you can comment here. You have until midnight Thursday to enter (MST).

And now I’m going to introduce myself. This is a picture of what I really look like:

photo credit Brook Andreoli

Because I don’t actually wear a wig.

I write YA books and have for several years now, but my first book with my national publisher will be out on November 30th. The book is called Matched and it’s a dystopian YA and the first book in a trilogy published by Dutton (Penguin).

Before Matched, I wrote LDS fiction for Deseret Book and a national market title called Freshman for President for DB’s Shadow Mountain imprint (that’s the imprint that does Fablehaven, etc.). So I have been writing daily since 2002 and publishing with DB since 2006.

And, before that, I used to teach high school, which is how I know Ann Dee. (No! I did not teach her! I am not that old!) I taught her gorgeous and fun nieces, Kristi and Kari, and Kristi set Ann Dee and me up on a friend date. And now I know Carol and Kyra too.  The rest is history.

I’m so excited to blog here and can’t wait to get started!

(You will be able to tell it is me posting because I am the one who uses exclamation points. And who doesn’t really know all that much about writing but likes it anyway and wants to learn more.)


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