Woot woot for Ally!!! Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf–Sept 16

So here is what I read yesterday . . .

Disney and Offspring Entertainment have bought film rights to Ally Condie’s Matched, a futuristic fantasy novel that Dutton is publishing in November, as the first in a trilogy. The world revolves around a society that dictates what individuals can read, watch and believe, and decides who they are partnered with for life during a Matching Ceremony that takes place on their 18th birthday. Variety reports that the property, with a girl torn between two boys, is seen as a potential successor to Twilight.

Congrats, Ally! And yes, I can sing AND act . . .


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6 responses to “Woot woot for Ally!!! Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf–Sept 16

  1. rbs

    Dear Throw-Up Gang,

    I don’t have e-addresses for you all and so I have to go this route to ask if any OR all of you could help me with an idea I have for the Jordan Council of the International Reading Association (JCIRA).

    In March Cheri and Rick are going to work with our members to start a novel, picture book, short story, etc. They have committed. (Okay, are you still with me???)

    SO in April, I’d like a few WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, FANTASTIC UTAH authors that I am promoting BIG TIME in our district as well as in JCIRA, to come and “workshop” their writing in small groups like we did at WRITING for CHARITY.

    I think this would be great PR for WIFYR – seriously. I sent out an email message (“Top 10 Reasons to Join JCIRA), and I listed this event – even though I haven’t lined up the authors yet (don’t worry, I didn’t commit anybody w/o consulting and confirming) – AND I have received a terrific response. Now I better darned well follow through.

    I will try to raise money to pay you all a little something b/c I know writers are not rich – well, most writers. Let me know if this is in the realm of possibility. Okay? You know how much I HEART you, as CLW says.

    Much hugs, Renae

  2. Yay Ally!

    That’s awesome! I’m so excited for you. (Funny how even though I don’t know you, I feel a connection to you ’cause your family is in Cedar City and I’ve read about you on a blog.)

    How often does it happen that a company buys movie rights BEFORE the book comes out? That’s so cool!

    How do I get an autographed copy?


  3. rbs

    I totally forgot to congratulate Ms. Ally. You were the talk of WIFYR, and now you’re the talk of TUW! How wonderful!!!

  4. Jen

    Yay ally! congrats! and love the new wiggy look. beeeutiful.

  5. Great job, Ally. I plan to read the book. And p.s. did you know I’m good friends with your good friend Sarah McCoy here in Las Vegas? Between her, Ann Dee, Kristi and Kari it really feels like it’s time to meet soon.

    Good luck with all that’s going on!


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