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Mary Kole, Odds and Ends, and Your Writing Exercise for the Week

Hey all,

If any of you are interested, you still have a minute or two (like two hours) to sign up for Mary Kole’s webinar (Mary is an agent with Andrea Brown). Info is below. Mary knows lots and lots so if you haven’t had the chance to meet her, or even if you have, you’ll want to be a part of this.

She says, “The webinar is tomorrow (people register, then call in and listen to me give a structured talk, then there’s time for Q&A).”


This is set for TODAY at 1 pm EASTERN.

Tomorrow we will let all the winners know who they are from last week’s contests. I’ve been a  bit slow sending out prizes, but I promise to do better.

We will be having a contest soon that will involve writing (surprise) and the prize is a read from someone pretty cool. I mean, PRETTY and COOL.

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions. Do you remember those? Well, we’re reminding you about them right now. Take a few minutes to review these goals. Now take a minute to feel terrific or guilty. Now, take a minute to make adjustments. Looking over your goals can help you, so use this reminder to reevaluate what you wanted to do with your writing.

Here’s your writing exercise: Everyone (and I mean everyone in the whole wide world) knows a little romance can make a book more interesting.

Write about your first kiss. Put everything in there–where you were, who it was (you can change names to protect people. I’m going to have to.), how that kiss was, what you were thinking (or were you thinking?), the smells, his or her lips etc.

Now, rewrite this scene to fit  your book. How can you make it work in your plot?

Don’t forget to add it to your The Day We Started Doing More Together NoteBook. Is everyone keeping one of those? Are you? Hmmm? People are awfully quiet.


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