Amazing Covers

Kyra here!
I’m just going to post pictures of these amazing book covers. {But that doesn’t mean I’ve read/liked all the books. . . heh}


I honestly love BOTH these covers.
{this is actually one of my most favorite books. Madapple}
This small picture doesn’t do the cover of Ash justice.
There are just so many great ones. Clearly I have a thing for covers with pretty girls on them. what can I say? I like beautiful people. I really hope one day I’m lucky enough to get a gorgeous/sexy/badace cover.



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9 responses to “Amazing Covers

  1. Lots of wind-blown hair. I agree about ASH, and I might have to steal the image of KNIGHT ANGELS when I blog next about cool cover typefaces. Sweet.

  2. It seems lots of covers these days are opting to just have a photo of the protagonist’s face, which is just too boring in my opinion. I’m much more of a fan of characters doing something (particularly if it’s something interesting). I’m also a big fan of drawn covers (at least when drawn well). I’m particularly a bit perplexed if the setting is fantasy or sci-fi, and the cover decides to just be a photo of some kid’s face. Show these kids on hoverboards firing lightning bolts from their eyes at winged panthers! If that’s what the story’s about. Or if it’s about a girl that makes awesome quilts to help pay orphanage expenses, why not show her doing that, rather than just her face. There’s my wholly amateur advice to cover creators out there!
    They’re all reading this post, right? =P

  3. To be on topic, I do like most of these covers though. Hair blowing in the wind always means the story is dramatic, right? The farther the wind blows, the more dramatic the story?

    • Kyra

      i just like gorgeous girls.
      and am attracted to reading books with girls on the front. but 98% of my favorite books have drawn covers as well.
      I mostly just judge a book by the author, not so much the cover. i just really like these a lot.
      {i don’t think i’d read a book with a lady knitting on the front though. . . unless she was knitting while riding a hoverboard. πŸ˜‰ }

    • Carol

      Nick, you made me laugh.
      Thanks. πŸ™‚

  4. True story: I was reading Simon & Schuster’s catalogue, and THE CHOSEN ONE shared page space with a book already on my wishlist. Your cover caught my eye, and the story summary was even more intriguing. Then this week I read the novel, and loved it.

    So, yes, covers are important for catching the eye πŸ˜‰

  5. Seeing as purchases are 80% emotional, covers have a lot to do with their success. Beautiful sells. So I’m just going to put Carol’s girls on my covers with their hair all wind-blown. I’m going to have to specifically write about a ginger so I can have Cait on there.

    Emotion is also the reason that almost all the books I own are from authors whom I personally like. But I’m not the typical reader. I’m picky as all get out. And though I may get ridiculed for this, I have never gone to a bookstore and just looked for books without knowing what I wanted to buy. Infact, I rarely go into a bookstore. I’m an Amazon freak.

    I think I must be some percentage of the book buying market. I have a number of friends who ask me what I’m reading and we pass books around to each other. So in this way, the cover doesn’t so much matter. If someone recommends one to me, I don’t change my mind because I don’t like the cover. And since I’m not a browser, the cover doesn’t entice me either. But I must say, once I own it, I can look at Glimpse over and over and love the cover.


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