Today I am going to tell you how awesome Ally is and how awesome her book is.

1. Ally is awesome.

2. Her book is awesome.

Here’s more.

3. Ally taught my twin nieces English class in high school. They loved her. LOVED her. They talked about how she was/is so so so  funny. Pushed them. Made them think.  And she was the cross country coach. You can’t beat that.

4. Ally is smart. When I read MATCHED, I kept running into lines and thinking, “How did she think of this? She is so freaking smart.” I mean this on both a word level (her vocabulary would kick my vocabularies butt any day) and on a plot level. The girl can think on a world scale. I think in terms of marshmallows. She is truly inspiring and the book is beautiful and is getting amazing amazing reviews. Read Ally’s blog for more info on that.

5. Ally writes every day and has written every day for years. At night. Without watching TV every half hour for a break. She is truly a writer–one that is dedicated to the craft and who is passionate and patient with the process.  I have learned so much from her drive and talent and determination.

6. Ally is humble. She is so normal and calm and turns red and everything. And when she speaks, she is funny and real and it’s not an act. She’s just a wonderful person to be around.

7. Ally is an awesome mom, as in she makes cookies and her kids are painters and readers and she has popsicles when my kids come to visit (except for last time but it was freezing and my three year old doesn’t understand that sub-zero weather and icy treats don’t exactly go together) and she even let one of my kids eat a fancy popsicle with coconut in it that he immediately decided he didn’t like and she didn’t get mad but secretly maybe she was mad when we left because we wasted a popsicle? But I bet not That’d be something I’d do.

8. Ally is a great friend. I cannot tell you how I’ve rambled and rambled and how she still manages to stay focused on what the core issue is. Carol is the same way. I don’t know why but these two ladies bring out the rambling in me. The insecurities (meaning I feel comfortable sharing my insecurities with them, not they make me insecure but then they do do that but not on purpose because they are both awesome writers and see what I’m doing here? I need to stop).  I appreciate having friends who can hear me and understand what I’m going through and make me feel sane when I am feeling more insane than ever. We need people like that in our lives.

So that’s Ally. A little bit of Ally.

Buy her book TOMORROW!!! and come to the launch parties!!! There’s one in SLC and one at the Provo Library. I’ll let her tell more about them on Wednesday. But really, MATCHED would make the perfect Christmas present.

The end.



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  1. ummm…post the details on the launch in provo. I will try to buy book and come. where can i buy this book?

    also, Ann Dee, you make me very happy. I want to read more of your books so I can laugh. And I like your ramblings. I am glad you are friends with Ally and Carol.

    Also, I wish I was a cross country coach…sort of. Why is it that English teachers and cross country seem to go together?

    • Really? Cause I’m pretty sure none of my English teachers owned a pair of running shoes (no judging here–I’m easily the least athletic person I know. Just an observation…). I love that Ally does both and does them well. Excited to read Matched.

      • rachelstauffer

        My high school cross-country coach was also my English teacher….and if I were to ever teach high school I would teach English and coach cross country…idk. I equate the two as one thing. Probably because English type/writing people are crazy, and runners are crazy. So, they fit together. in my head.

      • Tif

        um…that reply from Rachel whoever is actually from me…but she was logged in on the computer before me and I didn’t notice and I was confused. yeah. the end. that is my story.

  2. My copy of Matched came in the mail yesterday. I started reading it last night and I’m having a hard time putting it down in order to, you know, to my job. I should have planned a silent reading day for today, so I could “model” for my kids and read too.

    Congratulations, Ally!

  3. I am still waiting for mine to come in the mail – it can’t come fast enough! Can’t wait to read and discuss.

    Ann Dee, your list definitely made me want to meet Ally, but also made me realize I need to be a better friend in general.

  4. I just went out to the mailbox and got it! Yippee Skippee! But with great regret, I cannot read it at this moment. I have shelves to build and things to write. Bleh. I want to read it.

    Ann Dee, I love the way you write.

  5. Ah man, my daughter came home from school and stole it. Now I can’t even peak at it until tomorrow.


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