To Make Elise Happy: Five Groups of Five

5 Children:

1. Elise
2. Laura
3. Kyra
4. Caitlynne
5. Carolina

5 Car Troubles

1. Once, when zooming down I-4 in Florida, my friend and I crashed into a drunk man who ran in front of the car. We were going 55 mph. It wasn’t our fault. He lived. I met a very cute fireman.
2. Once, when zooming down I-4 in Florida the brakes went out on the Karmann Ghia. I made a sharp left-hand turn. The ancient car had a bad lock and the door popped open. 86-yr-old Mr. Clark fell out on the highway. We were going about 45 mph. He was fine. Just a bump on the head. Why? He ‘tucked and rolled,’ something he learned from his boxing days.
3. Once, when zooming down I-4 in Florida, the Karmann Ghia caught fire.
4. Once, when trying to drive defensively (see above three) I tried to avoid running over an armadillo by straddling him with the car. I hit the poor thing with two tires.
5. I very nearly lost my life in Norman, OK, when 34 tornadoes happened to be hanging around when I was driving through town.

5 Unusual Things that Don’t Usually Happen to People

1. I saw the aurora borealis from my very backyard in Springville, UT.
2. I heard a baby giraffe yelp when it was frightened.
3. We saw a moon bow–like a rain bow, but at night.
4. I pulled my sister and me from a Florida undertow with the help of my dead grandfather and my sister’s super long hair
5. A tree fell in a forest when I happened to be there to hear it–I was sure I was being shot at.

5 Ways I’ve Brushed My Hair

1. with a tiny, pink Barbie brush
2. with a plastic spaghetti fork spoon thingie
3. with the brush part of the thing that you get snow and ice off the car with
4. with a dinner fork (not a  salad fork, mind you)
5. not at all until I had a tangle so big I had to get my hair cut into a pixie

5 Weird Dreams

1. the elevator with no walls that tips and never stops completely at the proper floor
2. the there’s a man standing at a the foot of the bed dream
3. the low flying airplane dream
4. the my aunt’s decapitated head in a watermelon dream
5. the third world bathroom dream that I can’t tell you or you’ll be grossed out

And the biggest number FIVE of all– Ally Condie’s book MATCHED comes out TOMORROW!!!!

This week we will be talking about the book and I want to start by saying–You guys are going to really enjoy Ally’s dystopian novel.I read it and thought she did an excellent job. Go Ally Condie!!!

Saturday, at 2 PM, Ally is having a book signing at The King’s English bookstore. Go and get your book there. Ally will sign the books and Ann Dee and I will sing a song or two, too–with Ally, I bet.

The book has already garnered a few starred reviews AND been reveiwed in Entertainment Weekly where it got a letter B–which is good!

Friday–we plan on having a fun interview with Ally herself.

Thursday–a guest blog from someone who LOVED the book.

Isn’t this GREAT?




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8 responses to “To Make Elise Happy: Five Groups of Five

  1. Yay!! Ally!! I can’t wait to read your book! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!


  3. “4. I pulled my sister and me from a Florida undertow with the help of my dead grandfather and my sister’s super long hair”

    This definitely stuck out the most to me from these lists… To be honest I’m not quite sure what is happening here. But it sounds intriguing! I think it’d make a good story, at least.

  4. I agree with Nicholas. That number was the one I want to read all about! You are fascinating, Carol. Amazing, fascinating, funny, great, beautiful.
    There’s a list of five for you.


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