Just Write

Okay, so we all know Lady Gaga, right?

When Lady G. was introduced to our family it was with that song, Just Dance. Every time it came on the radio, Carolina got up and danced and we would join her.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Someone who might be a guy or a girl,” Kyra said.

Oh, what we know about Gaga now. Kyra loves her so much that I keep wondering if she’s going to get a nose job to match the singer.

Anyway, for us writers, dancing is super good, especially if we’ve been at the computer all day. But I want to talk about writing, not explain my hot dance moves.

Ten Reasons to Just Write (in no particular order)

1. Writing helps clear the brain.

2. Writing helps you work through problems.

3. Writing gets you a step closer to publication.

4. Writing is a terrific, creative outlet.

5. Writing can help others.

6. If you really want to write, quit moaning and groaning and just do it.

7. Plenty of people think they can write books. They’re just waiting for the ‘right’ time. There is no right time. Keep that in mind. You either write or your don’t.

8. If you want to get an ‘A’ in my class, you better be writing plus doing everything else I’ve told you have to do–which can include complaining as long as you are working!

9. Remember that a book is a journey. You won’t be the same person at the end of the book as you were when you started writing it. And neither should your main character.

10. Also remember, working through the tough stuff of a novel–whatever that might be–can mean a terrific novel. So keep going. Plow ahead. I try to remember I like to have written, I don’t always like the process. Why? Writing is hard work. Yes, WORK.



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6 responses to “Just Write

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  2. Okay, when I first saw the title in my feed, my first thought was “NO! I won’t!”

    Um. That’s a problem.

    But, great advice! And something I need to do. Like, now. Just write.

  3. Yes, but…
    okay fine
    I’ll write.

  4. What’s go-ing on with the plot?
    I love this setting baby but I can’t type straight anymore
    Keep it cool–What’s the name of this book?
    I can’t remember but it’s all right, all right
    Just write, gonna be okay… da da doo-doo-mmm
    Just write, type that MS, babe… da da doo-doo-mmm

    I’m sure there can be a parody there, though would it be as good as Writing a Bad Romance? ;]

  5. You know, I think everyone has an inborn need to create, but also to destroy. Writing fulfills both needs. Not only do you get to mess up your character’s life, but you get to mess up your own (lack of housecleaning when the writing gets good, bouncing ideas off previously clear-minded important people in your life). Then you get to fix it – if you want to. Yeah, it’s wonderfully addictive chaos! I don’t know why everyone doesn’t write?


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