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Writing Challenge

I found out that I might be some kind of royalty. I was tossing and turning all night only to find out in the morning that under my sheets someone had put a pointy spaceship.

Also, before seven a.m. I had asked my kids the following questions:

Do you even understand life? (they don’t. I don’t either)

When do you think you’ll be self-sufficient? (they said 48–whatever that means).

Did you know that if you fight today like you did yesterday I will blow up into tiny pieces? (they started crying).

There were more but we’ll stop there.

The Writing Challenge:

Yesterday I got coupons for Costco in the mail. It felt like Christmas. I don’t know why–I probably won’t use any of them–but I love looking through them. Cuddle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a sweater, let the kids battle with spoon swords, and look at how cheap (but really expensive) a 100 pack of batteries can be. I think this may say a lot about me. I’m not sure.

Now, for your character . . . what would they get in the mail that would get them excited. Think of one item–a package, a letter, a magazine–what would it be that they would drop everything else to open. To savor.

Maybe brainstorm a list. This can be a new direction in your book or it might just help you get to know them better.

Leave a comment telling us the item if you feel like it. No need to go into details (or feel free to if you want). We’ll see what kind of people we’re all writing about.


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