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Three Things Wednesday

1. First of all, CAROL’S NEW BOOK!!! Have you picked up Miles From Ordinary yet? It officially came out yesterday and we all need to party! Here’s some things people are saying about it:

“Absorbing….[Williams] has crafted both a riveting, unusual suspense tale and an absolutely convincing character in Lacey. The book truly is miles from ordinary, in the very best way. Outstanding.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“In a novel spanning a mere 24 hours, Williams takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride….Poignant.” —Publishers Weekly

You can buy your very own signed copy this weekend at Barnes and Noble at 7157 Plaza Center Center Drive, West Jordan, UT on Saturday from 2-4:00.
2. One way to break into children’s publishing is to write short stories, articles, poems, activities, etc. for kids magazines. Along with your novel goals, what about taking a break and trying your hand at one of these? Here are the guidelines for Highlights magazine. Should we all try to get something sent in the next month or so?
3. For your entertainment, they had a picture book writing contest on Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday. Watch to see how they think writing a picture book is done. It was pretty hilarious. See if you can see all the rules they break as they go through the process (see highlights tips for fiction).
I think that’s all for today. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday and eat lots of cookies.


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