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What Do You Think?

Yesterday’s post made people think.

Today’s writing exercise should make you think, too. And right along those controversial lines.

Answer these questions for yourself, share your answers if you’d like. Let’s think mostly young adult books when we answers these questions. Even if you’re a picture book writer, put your mind to the test and see what you think.


What is edgy writing to you?

Do you want to write edgy stuff?

Is that okay?

How far will you go in your writing?

Is there a place that is too far?

Just what is it you will not write?

Why not?

Can things be too happy?

Too simple?

Too preachy?

Are those things (too preachy, too simple, too happy) okay to put in a book?

Do you have a moral right to keep books from others?

What do you think about the banning of books?

Is censorship appropriate?


Morally, do you have an obligation to write different stories than what you are writing (whether they be lighter or darker)?

What is your ultimate goal when you sit down to write?

Is everyone really entitled to their own opinions?

Some people think we have too much dark in the world and that writers should not contribute to that. What do you think?




We’ve chosen a date for the marathon but Ann Dee’s gonna tell you ’cause I have to go get dressed. Have you started preparing for that three-day writing extravaganza?


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