Oh Crap Today is Friday

Kyra here.

I forgot to write a post.
I’m going to blame it on the fact that mom is gone at a writers conference.
So I will just write a rambling post about nonsense.

* All my friends are getting married.
* I haven’t worked on my novel in over a week. {7 days. God created the world in 7 days, how come I can’t just finish my novel? Oh yeah…I’m not God.}
* The WIFYR conference needs more people signing up. HOW ABOUT YOU?
* Me and my {sexy} boyfriend were locked out of the house yesterday. I tried to climb through the window, but ended up breaking it.
* I hate the snow.
* I have 2 TWO ideas on a book I’d like to write. I need 2 TWO brains I think. Then I could write them all at the same time and BAM I’d be rich {HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH now that’s the best joke of all.}
* I’m going to tell you that this current book I’m reading needs to be burned. It is AWFUL! HORRIBLE!
* I will tell you that I also read a few good books. One of which was The Freak Observer.
* I need a partpartpart time job.
* You know what was a great movie? The Fall. Go rent it.
* I’m hungry.
* Speaking of hunger…….
* Hey did everyone hear that Jennifer Lawrence {Winters Bone} is staring as Katniss for the new Hunger Games movie? I’m not going to lie, I’m STOKED! Winters Bone was one of the BEST movies to come out last year. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it.
* I lost my Lady Gaga tickets because I put them in a book, and then took that book to my Gammy’s house, and ended up dropping them somewhere on the snowy road.
* I’m an idiot.

Well that’s all I have for this evening. How about a few pictures to pass the time? I think so!

Look at my gorgeous mother and sister! {GO BUY MILES FROM ORDINARY. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!}
This is during moms signing. wooowheee
This is that book I want you to check out. I actually just read a review online about it and the lady who was writing the review COUNTED HOW MANY SWEAR WORDS WERE IN IT. What a prude {prune}
I hope she reviews MY book when it comes out. I’d like to know how many swears I have.


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5 responses to “Oh Crap Today is Friday

  1. you LOST your Gaga tickets?? OMG! but did you get to go anyway?
    BEST concert EVER!
    and really I mean EVER with the exclamation point.

  2. CLW

    I am NOT going to watch that movie thing.
    It looks scary.

  3. Kyra, ha ha! Life sure isn’t easy. But when it stinks, it’s great fodder for writing. Sorry about having to break your window to get in!

  4. Kyra

    HA I couldn’t afford another hundred dollar ticket so I ended up missing it. Which isn’t THAT heartbreaking because I can’t stand her new song. Sounds too much like …something dumb. I’m not sure.
    Mom, that’s a song. Not a movie. hahahah

  5. Carol, I thought the same thing. No way am I clicking play on that thing. Freaky. I hate doll-clown-scary-crap.

    But everyone, Carol wrote a scary book, and I read it, and she didn’t warn me, and I was scared. But I made it, and I am alive, and I think Miles From Ordinary is a must read, must have, must read again.

    And Kyra, I like your boyfriend, he’s cute.

    And Cait and your momma are gorgy ladies.

    And also (wondering how many times I can start with AND) it was awesome to see you and take in your volume, you are funny loud, but I kinda love it.


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