Marathoning this Weekend

Yes, it’s finally here. This weekend we’ll be starting the three-day marathon that we’ve done in the past.

I’m kind of excited. My marathon will be more rewriting and adding a lot to an old piece rather than starting a new.

The thing is, how does one write for long periods of time when there is so much to do?

If you think I’m gonna hand out answers, you’re wrong! I haven’t figured that out yet!


Maybe what you do is work fast during the time you have before hand.


So here’s what I’ll be doing this week:

Packing boxes

Helping home schooled children be home schooled

Preparing for a library visit


Trying to exercise every once in a while

Teaching and grading papers



THE MARATHON! (Woot! Woot!)


So, the DD has to be done. I think the first time we marathoned together I had to rewrite something then, too.

My goal, then, is that by the time Saturday rolls around, I plan to be into the third big revision of the book, ready to send to my amazing St. Martin’s Press editor.


It IS a good idea to prepare for the marathon. We’ve given you some ideas these last couple of weeks to get you ready.

As the day (Thursday) approaches, prepare to spend a goodly amount of BIC time. How can you do that?

Didn’t I just say I have no idea?

Well, here’s what I’m going to do. It coincides with what I have written above.


* Pack up all the empty boxes we have before Thursday rolls around. If this doesn’t happen, that’s okay, because I like to write 45 minutes and then spend 15 minutes stretching, doing something else and just getting up and moving around.  So if I DO get more boxes, I can use my 15 minutes off putting stuff into boxes.

* It’s actually kind of hard to write and home school my kids at the same time. But, if I give nice-sized projects to do in the 45 minute segments, that’s cool. A good way to work. Then we both take our break at the same time.

* My next two weeks are kind of full–I have a  visit to Hill School, an two-day SCBWI event in Idaho (yahoo!) and then a library visit at a Hill AF Base library!

* Allergy season! Take pills!

* I have a goal to try and lose a bit of weight and so I’m going to exercise.

* My students get the full measure of my teaching. No cutting corners there.



THE MARATHON! (Woot! Woot!)


So it’s all about the GO! This will be fun. Line up your pens and notebooks, prepare for a weekend of finishing your novel–or maybe starting a new one!

Good luck preparing.


Oh, I forgot to tell you all–I sold a book on Friday.



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12 responses to “Marathoning this Weekend

  1. Way to put a hook at the end of your post, Carol. And which, may I ask, of your 8 current book projects did you sell?

    A big congratulations to you. And I am all in on this marathon. I need to do a lot of writing.

    And yahoo for Idaho SCBWI in two weeks. Everyone pray it’s warm so I can post pics of Carol on my wakeboard.

    • Carol

      I sold the sad book.
      And I hope I’m awake and no one is bored . . .

      • Silly – I mean the board that you ride on – on the water – on the wake – from the back of my boat – thus – wake-board. It will be fun. If it’s warm. It better be.

        Also p.s. I don’t know if you knew this but, all of your books are sad. But yes, I do know this one is V. sad.

  2. i’m super excited for the marathon and congrats on the sold book!

  3. Kyra

    “I sold a book on friday”
    Shove it in our faces why don’t you!
    just kidding 🙂

  4. Megan

    And your students definitely appreciate your time…for sure! Congrats again on your sold book!

  5. Woo hoo on the book! Congrats!!!!

    And good luck getting everything done! I guess I better do my comic early so I can marathon, too. 🙂


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