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Three Things Wednesday (third try to post this thing)!

1. So, everyone, we start the marathon tomorrow.

Here’s what we need from you–to tell all your writer friends so they can take part with us.

Wouldn’t that be fun, all of us suffering together?

Yes! Of course it would! Why keep the pain all to yourself? Let’s share. So encourage your writing pals (near and far) to play.

1A. Make sure that you spend some time today getting ready for tomorrow (and Friday and Saturday).

Do you have writing time carved out?

Do all your family members know that you’ll need a bit of quiet time?

Have you reviewed some of the exercises we’ve talked about in the last weeks to get yourself going tomorrow?

Is there something specific you want to accomplish?


2. I am actually a little excited about this marathon. Aren’t you?

So, what are your goals?

It’s good to have word count goals as well as BIC time goals, too.

Word count goals allows you to see your results.

BIC time goals allows you to reach your word count. Just remember, you can be sitting at your computer and not writing one word.

My goal is to have a completed draft of the DD to send to my editor.

I want to go through the book once completely making changes (I always do this hard copy), then go through and do this again so I have been through the book two full times.

I’m hoping my final final goal is I have a product ready for Hope.

PLEASE share your goals here.

For sure, put your goal up where you can see it.

2A. And are you okay with this prize?  Anyone who reaches his or her goal, and is close, and has posted on the site, comes to a dinner (to be announced) and we all eat and talk together?

We could do a potluck.

That would be great fun.

Ann Dee and I will chat¬† about this–like where and when.

At the potluck, we can each read the opening page of our stories. Just the first 250 words. And we can talk about that first page. Like say what works. And the rest of us will stare at you as you read.

Love the idea!

So that will be the reward (or is it punishment?) of those who participate and accomplish their goals.

If you are far away, give yourself your own prize for winning.


3. Last night I dreamed about Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference (www.wifyr.com).

Martine Leavitt was there.

And so was Rick Walton.

I was also there and I realized that I hadn’t made any food arrangments for the entire week and that I was going to have to get Rick to do that but he had just spilled a pitcher of water on the hotel front desk. There were lots of people milling about, including one faculty member I knew I should know, but dang if I couldn’t remember her name.

3A. Also, last night (in true life, not in dream life) I was presented with pictures from my first book signing.

The signing where I had no books.

And guess who was there?

Paul Pitts, Rick Walton, Louise Plummer, and Alane Ferguson.

This brings me to–Guess what?! My next book signing will be at The King’s English in SLC on Saturday April 23 at 2 pm.

Please do come and see me.

I promise there will be copies of my novel Miles from Ordinary.


PS I have taken up smoking in order to help Ann Dee accomplish her goal.


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