Daily Archives: April 7, 2011

Well, how’s it going?

Are you doing well?

Have you accomplished something so far?

Or are you like me and having to do your writing in a little bit when family life settles down?


What strategies are working for you?

Is someone making dinner for you so you can write through the meal?

Are you skipping the American Idol results this evening?

Ignoring those you love for your beloved project?


Are you thinking of our fun potluck get-together we’re gonna have if you reach your goal?

Are you imagining the singing, reading, dancing, cigarette smoking and etc that we’ll all be doing at the party?


Run on, Writers. Get back to your desks and your books and your goals.

See you later.


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Get Ready, Get Set

Hey everyone–


Stop by and make comments over the next three days.

Let’s keep each other going with updates and etc.


Right now?

I’m not writing, but I will be soon.

I mean, I’m not writing on my WIP.

I AM writing you all . . .






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