Get Ready, Get Set

Hey everyone–


Stop by and make comments over the next three days.

Let’s keep each other going with updates and etc.


Right now?

I’m not writing, but I will be soon.

I mean, I’m not writing on my WIP.

I AM writing you all . . .






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4 responses to “Get Ready, Get Set

  1. Charlotte

    Had a dream last night that included an idea for a new novel. This could either be blessedly perfect timing or a deviously disguised attack to sidetrack me from finishing my wip–the one I’ve been sadly neglecting for my whole first trimester. A writer’s life is full of HARD choices!

  2. Charlotte, is one of the guys in your dream sparkly?

    Okay, I’m at 1,000 words so far today. NEW words. woohoo. Life is getting in the way – tennis – dinner – blah blah But I have a few hours chunked out for later this evening. My goal is 1,000 more tonight. I told you I’m slow.


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