Well, how’s it going?

Are you doing well?

Have you accomplished something so far?

Or are you like me and having to do your writing in a little bit when family life settles down?


What strategies are working for you?

Is someone making dinner for you so you can write through the meal?

Are you skipping the American Idol results this evening?

Ignoring those you love for your beloved project?


Are you thinking of our fun potluck get-together we’re gonna have if you reach your goal?

Are you imagining the singing, reading, dancing, cigarette smoking and etc that we’ll all be doing at the party?


Run on, Writers. Get back to your desks and your books and your goals.

See you later.


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11 responses to “Well, how’s it going?

  1. Lauren Call

    I’m not a total failure. I’ve gotten three pages written so far. We left over pizza for dinner, and I didn’t even clean up the kitchen. I should skip TV tonight, but have you seen those beautiful brothers from the Vampire Diaries? It’s a sin not to gaze upon their hotness for an hour tonight. I’m using it for inspiration because my male main character is super fine. But after TVD and everyone is asleep, watch out, Computer, because your keys are going to be sore tomorrow! I’m writing at least ten more pages. Oh, and chain smoking to stay awake.

  2. Cori

    918 words. This would go much smoother if season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was not whispering, “Watch me, watch me!”

    • Carol

      Yes, I know!
      I mean that’s what happens to me. Whisperings that I must obey.
      Like, check your email and facebook and blog.

  3. Put on a hat and bought some food early so no one would starve. No make-up, no hair. Went for a run so my brain would turn on. Ate a lot of chocolate. Said sorry, writing Marathon about a hundred times. Stopped to soothe an angry kid. Bum fell asleep so I helped (a little) with the do-it-yourself dinner (quesa dillas, I love you). Went back to work. Took away a cell phone to jump -start homework. Read aloud. Put kids to bed. Wrote some more. Quitting now with 150 pp left on this run-through. Getting there. Whew.

  4. Denece

    It was the Last Class with Brandon Sanderson tonight, I mean last night, it’s just past one. In the chit-chat around the room before things got rolling I mentioned your (unofficially our) motivational marathon. Brandon says hi.
    “Do you have three pieces of advice?” Of course everybody decided to listen:

    1. “Great writers are made by practice, anything else you can forget.”
    2. “Good stoies are about good conflict. Keep that in mind and you will OK.”
    3. “The best writers are really good revisers.”

    You great writers all get together and read from the same script.(It’s motivational, right?)

    Sarah B (we have more than one Sarah) says hi to Ann Dee Ellis.

    The young, cute guy with dark hair curling around his ears, chewing his apple with his mouth open, whose name I have forgotten so many times I’m afraid to ask again says hi to Carol.

    • Carol

      Are you talking about Nick?

      And long long ago, Brandon and I were in the same class only he was in the seat marked “Will makes lots of money and sell lots of books” and I was in the seat that said, “Will sell lots of books and wonder why none of them make money.” Next time I’m reading the bold print and sitting closer to Brandon.

      He is a GREAT mentor.

  5. Amy

    Really like the idea of having a word count goal AND a time at the keyboard goal! I’m still piece-mealing the time slots, but it seems to be working so far. One thing I have to remember: Try to make it a DAILY goal.

    • Carol

      I sometimes think if I write as hard as I do when we’re all working together I might get double the writing done– so well said.

  6. JessicaV

    A bit behind…I did one hour on Thursday and one yesterday, so I’ve got four hours to do today, but my novel DESPERATELY NEEDS IT, so that’s good.

    Also, Carol, what you said in class about how getting review notes back from editors starts with screaming and throwing things and then eventually realizing that the editor’s right = totally true. (It was you that said that, right?) I’m looking at my midterm again and I was SO MAD when I first got it back and now I’m like, yep, yep, yep. Makin all the changes because you were right about (almost) everything.


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