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I’m Weak and the Stinkin’ Headache Wants to Come Back

But–here is what I did today:

Had to work on a different book as another editor wants to see a full of something that I sent her.

Yippee and oopsie.


Still–I have rewritten more than 25 pages and added nearly 1500 words.

(I have to get this book done tomorrow.)

(I must work on the DD.)


But what about these boxes?

What about this headache?

What about the move?

What about the rain?


What if I don’t get done with draft so I can send it to my agent and he can forward this book on?

What if I can’t get rid of the headache?


Who will pack tomorrow?

Will the rain stop?


And the worst thing of all: I LIKE this book I’m working on (see Kyra’s post today). This novel is all about faith and family. And it’s hardly sad–only a tiny bit.


So, I’m off to bed but will see you all tomorrow.

Kissies to you all!



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Kyra here.

Guess who has a giant headache for her marathon weekend? That’s right. . .Mom does.

Thought I’d share that unfortunate news.

But speaking of the marathon. I’m attempting it myself.

I’d like to have my entire first draft done by Sunday
a rewrite written as well.

After reading and fixing through the first {about} 90 pages, I realized I want to throw this novel in a fire pit full of fire. {Instead of a fire pit full of grass and ash? hmm}
Are you supposed to hate everything you’ve written after you’ve written it? If not then I’m in trouble.

I always dream of good ideas. Well, in my dreams they seem like good ideas. Mostly they aren’t that awesome at all though.

How is your novel going?? Maybe you can give me tips on liking mine better {HA}

Also, I dreamed about those yummy check-mix things that people make during the holidays. Those sound so good! I wish I knew how to cook those lil babies!

Good luck, everyone! Hopefully you’ll have better luck then me and mom!


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