Kyra here.

Guess who has a giant headache for her marathon weekend? That’s right. . .Mom does.

Thought I’d share that unfortunate news.

But speaking of the marathon. I’m attempting it myself.

I’d like to have my entire first draft done by Sunday
a rewrite written as well.

After reading and fixing through the first {about} 90 pages, I realized I want to throw this novel in a fire pit full of fire. {Instead of a fire pit full of grass and ash? hmm}
Are you supposed to hate everything you’ve written after you’ve written it? If not then I’m in trouble.

I always dream of good ideas. Well, in my dreams they seem like good ideas. Mostly they aren’t that awesome at all though.

How is your novel going?? Maybe you can give me tips on liking mine better {HA}

Also, I dreamed about those yummy check-mix things that people make during the holidays. Those sound so good! I wish I knew how to cook those lil babies!

Good luck, everyone! Hopefully you’ll have better luck then me and mom!


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9 responses to “Marathon

  1. Lauren Call

    I hate my novel right now, too. All I can think is didn’t they just fight some stupid banshees in the last chapter? Shouldn’t all banshees, everywhere in the world be dead by now? Someone has to do something really cool and gory soon or I’m going to pitch my book in the fiery pit of fire with yours. I figure if you don’t hate what you’ve written, you’re not a very good writer. Artists are always trying to rewrite, rework, and resculpt because they can see ways to improve. They’re always striving for perfection, and if you didn’t, it would mean you’re not very talented. So congratulations! Thinking you suck means you are wonderful. Yay!

  2. CLW

    I am writing in weird head, slow motion, my neck feels like a cable, my arms feel like tree limbs, my left shoulder concrete, typing.
    But I am going in on this marathon with all of you TODAY.
    Plus I am moving boxes but I am not doing THAT myself. Instead I will boss peeps around in my whiny soft feel sorry for me please help I’m masking a headache voice.

    And I hate every word I ever write when the novel is done, Kyra, and a lot when I am writing, too, but also when I am writing I feel like (at least with my sad novel) I loved everything about the book because it was so close to me. Perhaps love=crap, hate=perfection. Have/Lote=getting through the draft the first time and then the true hating begins.

    I am proud of my Kyra baby and all you, too.

    Yippee ti yi yo to us!

    Now I better go put some clothes on because if I win the big Sweepstakes Thingie the men with the cameras and balloons and huge check will see me through the front door right into my office where I am sitting in my underwear. And I don’t look like I used to when I was 24.

    Snuffing out the ciggie and going to get dressed now.

  3. Kyra

    So it looks as if we’re all good writers because we hate our writing.
    How hilariously awesome! We’re such winners, aren’t we.
    Wait, what’s a banshee? do I know this already and am too tired to remember?
    I wish I had gore in my writing………. Maybe I should switch things up!

  4. I love banshee’s. They’re so scary and screachy. And Irish.

    I have procrastinated most of my writing time away today. Why is that?? I get sidetracked too easy. I want to go on a date with my husband tonight. I miss him. He’s cute. And he loves me even when I’m ugly and cranky and sick. It’s kinda cold and windy. Which means my top two date choices – batting cage, also swinging irons (golf practice) might not be the best options. Also, I want to go fishing, but he hates fishing, but he would still go with me because he’s that kind of guy. Maybe shooting. Why isn’t it warmer?

    I should write.
    I don’t want to.
    I should.
    Just do it.
    Just turn on the projector and put the keyboard
    in your lap. You’ll feel better.
    I know. But still.
    Turn on you writing music. I mean it.
    Okay. Fine.

  5. Charlotte

    The Banshee in Darby O’Gill and the Little People was the phantom of my dreams for years as a child. Very cool monster, do not under estimate them.

  6. Lauren Call

    Banshees are crazy, withered, old hags who screech loader than twelve year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert. They roar the moors of Ireland and warn people of death, but in my book, they usually enjoy skewering people with their claw-like hands.

  7. Lauren Call

    I meant roam. My brain hurts from writing. 😦

  8. i spent my writing time yesterday AND today reworking chapters and editing here and there instead of writing NEW WORDS, which is my goal. (and in the process i realized that all the old words are really lame and make an even lamer story that i used to love but now the love has been wrung out of me or it and all that’s left is a tightly twisted towel.) and then a coworker called today, and i got sidetracked with work instead of with writing. boo.

    i wish my distractions were more like lucinda’s.

    so tomorrow: no answering the phone and no looking at old chapters. i’m moving forward. good luck writing friends!


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