How is it going?

I am maybe not doing as well as I could but there are reasons. Many many reasons.

But there is still time! Keep going!

I think this month in general is going to have to be marathon month for me. This is a great send-off.  I want to complete a full revision (like rewrite revision) by the end of the month (before this baby boy shows up). Those of you going to WIFYR should be pushing it too.

How is it going for all of you?


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7 responses to “Marathon

  1. Why does the marathon have to end tonight? Can’t it end… tomorrow night? 😀

    *regretting setting crazy goals now*

  2. Lauren Call

    Shhh, Melissa. I’m pretending the marathon goes until tomorrow night. I figure since I have a handicap (two little ones and a sick, whiny husband), I get some extra time. 🙂

  3. yeah, let’s say til tomorrow night. ’cause WHAT WAS I THINKING that i could write 20,000 words in the time i had?

  4. Make it as long as you need, I say. If you can keep the momentum going, go for it!

  5. This will be a marathon month for me, as well, if I’m going to push the send button before the end of April.

    Ok, sounds like the marathon isn’t over, but my goal for the weekend was pretty modest, so I did meet mine. I never set goals and I’m a slow writer (no Stephanie-Meyer-style churning out a novel in two months over here), so I thought I’d better start small. Though I didn’t get started until 4 today, worked from 4-11:30.

    Even managed to eat, but some of it was weird. Lots of cereal and dripping crumbs into the keyboard.

  6. Krista

    I’m on track :D! And still moving

  7. This Is What I Did:

    haha for that witty little title I just wrote to start my response.

    Thursday – Good
    Friday – Okay
    Saturday – Bad

    But Saturday was also good because it was decent warm and we fixed a section of our fence with the kiddos (nothing like passing on powertool skills) and I put more stain on the playground I made all by myself years ago, and I beat the crap out of an old picnic table and turned it into two more garden boxes for our yard. That makes a total of 4. So then we got dirt, and we filled the boxes, except we need more dirt and tonight we will get it and plant all of our spring vegetables. And I did all of that with my very crappy body. And it felt good. Until it didn’t. And I had to take a bunch of special pills for my feet and legs and also my hands. But I didn’t care. Because it was a good day. And I lived it. Also loved it.


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