Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

So How’d You Do?

Anybody meeting with me and Ann Dee for a potluck?

And a reading?

And etc?


She’s getting ready to have a baby boy (they’re naming him Carol) any minute (hopefully after our school visit today and not during) so we need to let HER decide on the date.

Do we potluck before or after, Ann Dee?

What do you think?


Considering the circumstances (I still have a lingering headache) I did okay.

I’m about halfway through a novel that I hope to send off to my agent today.

Or tomorrow morning, bright and early.

I like the voice of the novel and I like the way it was heading, but there are still miles to go before I sleep.


So tell what you accomplished.

And then what you’re bringing to eat.

And don’t forget to make that first page sing because I have seen Ann Dee throw whole sets of dishes at people if their first pages didn’t sing.


I’m just saying!


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