So How’d You Do?

Anybody meeting with me and Ann Dee for a potluck?

And a reading?

And etc?


She’s getting ready to have a baby boy (they’re naming him Carol) any minute (hopefully after our school visit today and not during) so we need to let HER decide on the date.

Do we potluck before or after, Ann Dee?

What do you think?


Considering the circumstances (I still have a lingering headache) I did okay.

I’m about halfway through a novel that I hope to send off to my agent today.

Or tomorrow morning, bright and early.

I like the voice of the novel and I like the way it was heading, but there are still miles to go before I sleep.


So tell what you accomplished.

And then what you’re bringing to eat.

And don’t forget to make that first page sing because I have seen Ann Dee throw whole sets of dishes at people if their first pages didn’t sing.


I’m just saying!


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13 responses to “So How’d You Do?

  1. She can name him Carol as long as his middle name is Lucinda. Or if that doesn’t work with Ann Dee, then Carol you need to have another girl and name her Lucinda. I think that’s a reasonable request. But you should probably quit smoking during the pregnancy.

    I only met half my goal. But like everyone else, I need to write like the Charles Dickens this month for the June-athon. Because here’s the deal, when you change the voice of your characters, you have to do a lot of re-writing. But alas and alad, the re-writing is better writing than the writing.

    So that’s my answer – half. Luke-warm. Middle. Neither here nor there. Mediocre. Equidistant. Midmost. Partial. Average. C. Lame.

    • Denece

      She could name him Lynch! One month dressed as a cowboy, the next as Biker-Dude, then a Space Opera protaganist…. Deep in her heart, Carol wants a boy named Luc Inda, and has never had the courage to mention it to you.

      If Ann Dee throws the dishes she has to sweep up the mess.

      Labor could instigate orginal expression. Rather than shards of glass, I’d rather she share some creative verbal explositions we can all write down because we never learned how to curse.

      My “accomplishments” are not worth mentioning. C’est la vie. (1/2. But my whole goal was a much lower goal than yours.)

    • i hear ya!
      but this comment did make me even more excited to meet you in june, lucinda! because you always make me laugh.

  2. Hi Carol and Ann Dee!

    My mom met you at a conference tonight (4/11) and wanted to tell me all about the “real” writers she heard speak… I guess I won’t be real until I get a book deal. LOL. Anyway, whatever you said gave her more confidence in the work I’ve done and results I’ve gotten so far. So thanks! It’s always good to have another supporter in my corner.

  3. Lauren Call

    13,000 words! It wasn’t my goal, but I’m proud of myself. I all ready ate the cake, though. It was a strong motivator. 🙂 I’m going to have a marathon every weekend. Maybe not the cake. My pants are too tight as it is.

  4. I have had a wet spring marathon of four baby goats, does that count. Only lost one at birth the four girls are dong great.

    I did rewrite the opening, two pivots, and resolution scenes, and I was completely unaware that it was a marathon weekend. I simply got on here to see how you all are doing, and this weekend the babies are two weeks old and I had time to get back to the revision.

    ( If I’m reading your stuff then I’m commenting. Lurking just doesn’t sit well with me if you know what I mean.)

    Shall we name a goat Carol?

    BTW have you ever read The Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop?

    Two words am azing.

  5. Results: word count was not even 1/4 of my 30,000 word goal. Which apparently for me was a ridiculous goal. But I did figure out my cast of characters and their names. I spent all of Saturday working on revising, reorganizing, and figuring out my characters. It’s the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent in one sitting working on my book. I loved it.

    I have the hardest time writing if I haven’t figured out a character’s name. Does anyone else find it disconcerting not to know someone’s name from the beginning? Well, now I’m ready to write new stuff b/c I know all their names. (Even if they change, at least for now it’s more than “neighbor.”)

  6. Becca

    Made a goal to rewrite just the first 10,000 words. Did that and some. A little over 12,000.

    Also, I will bring the booze.

    And by booze I mean not booze.

    • Becca

      PS – I listened to Paul Simon’s new song, “Rewrite” almost the whole time. Loved it.

      We should play that one during our final, Carol.

  7. I did a painting marathon for my gallery show. I painted eight pieces.

    My writing marathon will take place after finals.


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