I have been trying to post all morning but for some reason my kids think things like jumping on me are more important.

Here is what I want to say in short order (I don’t know what that means):

1. Let’s celebrate even if we didn’t all the way reach our goal (because why not?)

2. Who TRULY wants to make the rest of April marathon month and what do you think that would look like? Should we report each day? Have some kind of accountability?

3. Why is it supposed to snow today?

I think that’s all. I am sort of missing brain cells lately. I lose my keys two minutes after they were just in my hand. I also lose twenty dollar bills (on the rare occasions I have them). I cry at lame commercials. I also cry at no commercials. I have bad hair and my bum is growing at an exponential rate. I can’t decide if this is because I’m pregnant or because I’m a writer. Do you guys have these problems? Let me know.


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7 responses to “Hi

  1. Charlotte

    I have the pregnant and the expanding bummy problem, but not the $20 bill problem. One doesn’t tend to lose what one never has.

    And accountability would be a most healthy element to introduce into my writing.

  2. Seriously! What is with the butt growth? I’m 34 weeks along with my third and I want to know why I’m bubbling in both directions! Maybe it’s a third baby thing.

    And yes, I’m trying to marathon for the rest of the month of April. Mostly because May is going to be a marathon of a different type.

  3. Lauren Call

    Marathon April! Maybe I should work on my butt growing problem since I’m not even pregnant. Work out marathon for me. As for writing, I’m going to try to get in at least two hours every day. I love marathoning because I have an excuse to write more. 🙂

  4. I’m marathoning this month, too, which means I have two days a week set aside to write. It’s actually going really well for me, but I think posting about our weekly goes could be so helpful. Daily posting of any sort is hard for me.

    I think you should celebrate the marathon together, and I”ll be sending good vibes and wishing I were there.

  5. Yes, marathon for the month.

    Snow? I just planted all my cool climate veggies. Sunny gorgeous day today. My cherries are about to blossom so we better not get any frost let alone snow. And my apricots already flowered out. They smell so good.

  6. Denece

    1. There is an unpublicized rule that the world MUST remain in balance. Thus, when somebody somewhere loses a pound that pound must find a new home: …

    2. Perhaps that same law has been attached to $20 bills. I’ll be just living through my circles of repetition and, BEHOLD, a $20 bill appears in my dryer. I will smirk, tuck it my pocket, and not say a word. Not a word…

    3. I will finish this first draft by Saturday. I promise.

    4. If I don’t I will cry, indulge/punish myself with fudge stuffed with pecans and have a massive headache for the rest of my life.

  7. Our critique group is doing our own NaNo this month, and accountability is what keeps me going. It definitely helps.

    I’ve been there on the baby-body thing, and don’t worry. There’s nothing like chasing children after they’re born to burn inches off of backsides. Sometimes I still chase them just for fun (my young children are no longer young), and they laugh as they zip off into the sunset.


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