Idaho. Moving. Stuff

Kyra here.
Listen to this while you read 🙂

Mom is off to Idaho to do geeky writer stuff.
I’ve been left behind to pack our house {The house full of boxes and boxes of canned food. . .and junk} Thank gosh I have a sexy {Indian} boyfriend to help me.
I hear it’s marathon month now.
So ways I’m attempting to participate is:
Pack for an hour then write for half
Clean the garage then rewrite a chapter {or section in my case}
Write during commercials
Write while riding the bike {the one that doesn’t move}
Read a chapter then write a chapter
So on and so forth!

Soon we’ll be living in bfe {Mapleton} and I’ll have hours and hours to write because I have no life over there except Niesha who happens to live a fifteen minute walk away. But mostly me and mom are moving and then after we move we’re going to be famous from all the free time we will suddenly have.
Famous because we finish our novels I mean.
I watched The Human Centipede last night.
I don’t recommend it to anyone. But to be sure I’ll post the trailer below so you know NEVER to watch it!

Good luck on your marathon you guys!
Let’s all get famous and buy each other sushi.


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10 responses to “Idaho. Moving. Stuff

  1. I’m going for sushi tonight, even though I’m not famous. And feeling guilty for not enough writing priorities this week. Aack!

    Good luck with the move.

  2. Mapleton’s not so bad…it’s sort of quaint. And the older houses have personality.

  3. I like your schedule . What better way to reward yourself for packing, than by writing? Now that’s my type of self-bribery!

  4. Lauren Call

    Can I get cake when I’m famous instead of sushi? I’ll bake a giant, 12 tiered cake with yellow roses for everyone.

  5. Denece

    Am I the only person who had to look up the acronym. 🙂
    I went to Egypt once. Mapleton ranks higher. Mapleton is beautiful, inconvenient, but beautiful. You will love it. The houses at the mouth of the canyon and along the base of the mountain have a ‘personality’ that could incite lesser humans to covet. And after you figure out where all the different city limits jaggedly change from Springville to Mapleton addresses you won’t get lost anymore.
    And if you hate it you can always stay with me.

  6. Kyra

    Where do you live Denece? I’d love it if i hate it. What a generous offer.

    How about when we all get published we’ll watch The Human Centipede at Denece and my house while eating cake baked by Lauren?
    hmmm I’m liking this plan.

    • Denece

      I’m in Provo. Still close enough to visit Indian Man 🙂
      How about when we all get published we eat Lauren’s cake at Kyra and Denece’s house, nix on watching dumb movies …(twice for Kyra)–Kyra’s already screened it for us–and have pedicures while listening to ?…wait, wait, wait…while watching our own live performance of Thunder from Down Under.
      (Don’t tell your mom I said that.)

  7. Kyra

    hahahahahahahaha! oh no! Thunder from Down Under. hahahahah

  8. Alex Henry

    Kyra, I thought I was the only person on earth to watch, The Human Centipede. That movie is cuh-razzzy! And gross!


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