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Idaho. Moving. Stuff

Kyra here.
Listen to this while you read 🙂

Mom is off to Idaho to do geeky writer stuff.
I’ve been left behind to pack our house {The house full of boxes and boxes of canned food. . .and junk} Thank gosh I have a sexy {Indian} boyfriend to help me.
I hear it’s marathon month now.
So ways I’m attempting to participate is:
Pack for an hour then write for half
Clean the garage then rewrite a chapter {or section in my case}
Write during commercials
Write while riding the bike {the one that doesn’t move}
Read a chapter then write a chapter
So on and so forth!

Soon we’ll be living in bfe {Mapleton} and I’ll have hours and hours to write because I have no life over there except Niesha who happens to live a fifteen minute walk away. But mostly me and mom are moving and then after we move we’re going to be famous from all the free time we will suddenly have.
Famous because we finish our novels I mean.
I watched The Human Centipede last night.
I don’t recommend it to anyone. But to be sure I’ll post the trailer below so you know NEVER to watch it!

Good luck on your marathon you guys!
Let’s all get famous and buy each other sushi.


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Three Things Wednesday

1. Yes, I think we should make the rest of April Marathon Month. I can only do it a few days of each week but I love the idea. I’m going back to Ann Dee’s post and see what you all said to her. I hope you didn’t make fun of her because she is waaaaaay pregnant.

2. There are only a  few spots left in the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference morning sessions and lots of places in the afternoon sessions. This year’s faculty include Martine Leavitt, Holly Black, Kathleen Duey, Sharlee Glenn, Kristyn Crowe  plus lots others plus plus two editors and an agent ALL looking for  a terrific book to publish (and maybe YOU wrote it!). Go here to see more (

3. Have you heard of that one girl who makes something new (like a pretty dress) out of something old (like an ugly dress) every single live long day???????

We should do that with our writing.

Every day, for the rest of this month, make something new from what you are working on.

Here are some suggestions how:

* go from first person to third

* write your novel into a picture book

* change your main character from a boy to a girl (or vice versa)

* add an element of magical realism

* rewrite your first line so that it can’t be any stronger but so that it feels completely natural

* See what happens when you shake things up and make your prose poetry


Just a few ideas. I’m not suggesting that you do an entire work in a changed way–just a page or two as a writing exercise. See if this sparks your creativity.

And we’d love to see your changes here. 🙂


Now I am off to:

finish this one book

send it off to my agent

talk to my editor

pack a bunch of boxes

move them to the storage unit

grade papers

prepare for Idaho

exercise some

hugs my girls lots

and lots

and LOTS!


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I have been trying to post all morning but for some reason my kids think things like jumping on me are more important.

Here is what I want to say in short order (I don’t know what that means):

1. Let’s celebrate even if we didn’t all the way reach our goal (because why not?)

2. Who TRULY wants to make the rest of April marathon month and what do you think that would look like? Should we report each day? Have some kind of accountability?

3. Why is it supposed to snow today?

I think that’s all. I am sort of missing brain cells lately. I lose my keys two minutes after they were just in my hand. I also lose twenty dollar bills (on the rare occasions I have them). I cry at lame commercials. I also cry at no commercials. I have bad hair and my bum is growing at an exponential rate. I can’t decide if this is because I’m pregnant or because I’m a writer. Do you guys have these problems? Let me know.


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So How’d You Do?

Anybody meeting with me and Ann Dee for a potluck?

And a reading?

And etc?


She’s getting ready to have a baby boy (they’re naming him Carol) any minute (hopefully after our school visit today and not during) so we need to let HER decide on the date.

Do we potluck before or after, Ann Dee?

What do you think?


Considering the circumstances (I still have a lingering headache) I did okay.

I’m about halfway through a novel that I hope to send off to my agent today.

Or tomorrow morning, bright and early.

I like the voice of the novel and I like the way it was heading, but there are still miles to go before I sleep.


So tell what you accomplished.

And then what you’re bringing to eat.

And don’t forget to make that first page sing because I have seen Ann Dee throw whole sets of dishes at people if their first pages didn’t sing.


I’m just saying!


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