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That Sounds Like Something Mom Would Say

Kyra here.

Me and Mother deary have a legit excuse as to why we haven’t posted anything this week {and last}.
But you can listen to this song while I talk about nothing.

We moved into this beautiful house {the one that’s way out in bfe…far away from the real world.} and in this beautiful house we’ve not had internet.
We’ve also not had time.
It was my birthday!
We’ve been unpacking.
Grandma has moved in.
We have a leak in the basement AND the bonus room.
Allergies are back.

I could keep making excuses but instead I’ll talk about something.

I got a book in the mail right before I moved from the Provo house. It’s called FAMILY by Micol Ostow. I haven’t yet finished it but it’s pretty good so far. I haven’t sat down and actually read a book in like, months. So it’s nice to have something new.

I gave Eric the first paperback copy of The Chosen One and he’s given it to his mother who has given it to her sister who has given it to Eric’s dad who hopefully will give it back to Eric so he can read it. So far they’ve all loved it. If Hopit hates it I think I’ll break up with him. {hahahahahha KIDDING. I think}
Everyone who reads The Chosen One loves it, and if they don’t love it then they don’t know good writing.
There I said it.

OH. I have what looks like cancer growing on my back. Hopefully I finish my novel before I’m dead.
I really have nothing awesome to post today.
Our new house has as fire pit in the backyard and we’re all roasting ‘mallows and hot dogs tonight. You’re all invited to come!

Do you ever notice when you move you lose valuable stuff? I noticed. Like Mom’s ruby ring, and my novel that I’ve made all my changes on already. {WHY didn’t I do those changes on the computer and not the hardcopy? And look! Mom just handed me a stack of papers and said “Here’s your novel.” and I looked at it and knew right away it was hers.}

Mom just told me to read a book and tell her why it was awful. I can do that 🙂 Like once I was going to post about a certain Printz award winner and rant about all it’s awful-ness but. . . I wasn’t allowed. So to make myself feel better I wrote a three page rant and then deleted it.
It didn’t make me hate the book any less.

Okay, I’m done I think.

PS. Everyone come to the conference next month and hangout with me, Laura and mom. It’d be great. There are also a bunch of awesome authors coming. Which I know you already all know about so. . .just sign up.
One last thing. I deleted my facebook. So far it hasn’t inspired me to write anything new. . . .


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