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Friday the 13th

Kyra here

I’ve been reading to Grandma the book Of Mice and Men.
Have you read it? I’m sure everyone’s read it at least once and/or seen the movie.
Painful. Great. A total classic.

Just a few days ago Eric and I were taking turns reading the book. {She likes his voice better . . . probably because he’s a boy}
And then . . . on his turn to read . . . they killed the dog.
Poor Candy.
He should have just said no.

How does someone write something so well that you actually feel sorry for people who aren’t even real? I need to learn to do that.

Eric read Glimpse a few days ago. And the part with Orphan Man {he likes to call him} made him have to put the book down. “It really pissed me off, and made me sad for that old lady. He totally ripped her off. It was the saddest part in the book. I had to put the book down and read Cracked ’till I felt better.”

Cracked wouldn’t make me feel better, but I guess yeah, whatever.

See, Mom can do it to. Make you feel sorry for someone who doesn’t really exist. {Even though technically that lady DID exist and really did get ripped off by some jerkuss man. But that’s not the point}. The point is I need to learn how to do that.

Someone post something below that I can steal that makes you feel sorry for someone.

On lighter news, I have an idea for a new book.

OH! Mom just interrupted my thought with: “I cannot stand Britney Spears.” *Sings through her nose* “I gotta fake voice, I gotta fake voice!”
I never really hated Britney that much. She’s not as bad as some.

I have a new idea for a book. And Oprah inspired me. Finally that lady {who I honestly can’t stand} has done something for ME! WOO While we were watching her yesterday {I don’t know why} she actually gave away a tour of her closet. A TOUR OF HER CLOSET.
Mom:Wow, are they really giving that away like it’s something special?
Me: Well, that girl who won looks excited. . .
Mom: You know what I’m going to post on the blog? A contest. To let people enter to win a chance to tour MY five foot by four inch closet. ha ha ha ha *Wanders off laughing at her joke.*

Well Guys, I have decided to give away a tour of Mom’s closet. 🙂
Enter to win by emailing me why you should be allowed to look through her personal items at Doxyouxhavexafi@hotmail.com {We don’t pay for travel expenses or anything else Oprah would pay for. . .sorry}.

Have a great weekend!


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