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I will tell you that again, we are all doing fantastic (since I know you were wondering). Baby Milo is up from six pounds eight ounces to around seven ish and a bit. His sort of red hair is looking more and more promising and he loves to sleep during the day. What a cutie.

He also has memorized a couple of plays (Romeo and Juliet (not my fav) and A Doll’s House) and keeps us up at night reciting scenes. No big deal. It’s weird how fast they grow up, you know.

Do you know what’s also weird? When I hear about how chaotic other people’s lives are. I’m like, uhhh, get a grip. Like I heard about this one lady who bugged her husband to build her garden boxes and then proceeded to buy and buy and buy all kinds of seeds (martha stewart kinds even–how could they not grow?) and then he surprised her and built them and they are beautiful but then she has no idea where the seeds are and now there is a beautiful garden with no seeds. or plants. Or anything. I’m like, I would never do that.

And also, this other lady, she was tending to her baby and her other two kids built a tower out of stools and piano benches and pillows and proceeded to dump out all her powdered milk and hot chocolate mix and flour and then decided to turn on the sink and clean it up or something, thus making a big swampy mess and she thought they were playing happily in their room with Lightning McQueen and oh, my kids are so precious and then when she saw the mess she sat on the floor and noticed how disgusting her cabinets were. It was actually kind of enlightening. Weird. My house is so so so clean it makes me feel a little embarrassed at how together I am.

And then this last lady, she thought she had a book done and turns out, uhhh, it’s not done. but it needs to be done. And it’s not near done and I’m all, ummmmmmmmmmm, how about a page a day? Like a real writer? Can you at least do that? And she said, did you know that arnold schwarzenegger had a love child? Talk about problems.

I’m so glad I’m not like those ladies. It’d be so depressing.



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