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I Thought Today Was Thursday

Kyra here.

Well, I’m late. Very very late. And that’s because I thought that today was Thursday. Seriously, I had been planning in my head what I would write about tomorrow morning. And then Mom said “Did you post this morning?” And I said “No, I post Fridays, remember?” and of course she said “Today is Friday.”
Well then, I guess it is.

I’m going to briefly mention my boyfriend. Again, because I always do.
Yesterday we were looking for a movie to watch.
Me: Galaxy Quest?
Him: Looks dumb
Me: Sin CIty?
Him: You already watched it
Me: To Kill a Mockingbird?
Him: Never seen or read it.

As you can imagine I sort of had a freakout. YOU’VE NEVER READ OR SEEN THIS? It’s a CLASSIC. I thought this was required reading in schools?
I guess it’s not, or at least not for someone who rarely attended school to begin with.

So we watched To Kill a Mockingbird.
I cried. But who doesn’t cry at this movie {or book}? When Tom Robinson says he feels sorry for the lady accusing him of rape? And of course everyone knows what’s going to happen at the end. {Everyone except for the few people like Eric who have never seen or read it.} and that speech Atticus Finch gives in defense of Tom Robinson? AMAZING. What an amazing movie. Novel. Story. A classic.

So if you haven’t read or seen the movie, I suggest you go rent it right meow. And then post a review below of what you thought. And how much you wish you’d written it.

Side Note.
I finally finished FAMILY by Micol Ostow. I will say it had me hooked from the start. It was great up ’till the very end. It was still GOOD just slightly disappointing. That being said, you should all still rent it. Tell me what you guys thought. I think the reason I was disappointed is because I know a lot about the Manson family so I was expecting the ending to be what I expected. SO I guess that means it was a surprise ending.
But really, the writing was good, the story was good and very intriguing. The voice was pretty spot on. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Everyone have a great weekend!!


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