Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Writing Exercise

1. Look back at your Wednesday goal. Does it need tweaking? If so, tweak away.

2. This is a simple exercise. Today, we want you to change your writing up a bit. Here’s what we mean. I’m writing a dystopian novel. Ann Dee is writing a mystery. So I might change my dystopian to a historical novel. Ann Dee might change her story into a fairy tale. With a terrific fairy godmother who never sees her little namesake, Milo Carol Lee. Anyway, what we want you to do is something that Ann Dee has told us many, many times: play. Have fun. Change things around. Stretch them here. Push them there. Only for about 5 pages. That’s all. But what do you come up with? How does your novel shift? Was this exercise fun? Did you generate a new idea in the playing?

3. Look at all the ‘ly’ words that are used to describe verbs in your novel. How many of them could you do without? Cut them.


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