I Repeat Words

Kyra here

It’s Friday again. It comes a lot more often when you have something you need to post in the morning. I am not NOT a morning person. But sadly I need to start becoming one.
A couple things.
I’m almost done with like, my millionth re-write. And guess what happened? The computer has misplaced the first fifty or so pages of it and tossed it into no mans land. RIGHT? Now, I know this isn’t my fault because I click the Ctrl Save every few words. {never know what might happen.}
So those are gone.
And then as I was rewriting yesterday, something strange happened with the tab button. Every time I click that it moves the words to the other side of the page. {Does anyone know how to fix this problem by chance? It’s because I’m on a mac and don’t have a clue how to use them.} So that’s what I’m dealing with.

But guess what! The conference is coming up. And we still have some afternoon sessions available. So anyone who knows anyone who is interested in writing should suggest this conference. Or if you haven’t signed up yourself, you should. It’s worth it, people. I’m hoping to get famous this year from attending and meeting the editor or agent of my dreams.
Seriously, I am.
{Ok not really. . .}

Have you read any good books lately? I’ve only read a few. But I’m currently reading this:

Does everyone know the story behind this novel? If not, check it out.
I actually watched him on Oprah last week and was surprised at how interesting he was. The book has finally gotten good. It took about hundred pages to really get me hooked. Okay, that’s a lie. It took about a hundred to KEEP me hooked. Because it did have some interesting stuff going on to begin with.
I don’t know.

Does anyone have any early EARLY guesses on who’s going to be winning all the awards this coming winter? With those guesses you could suggest some books for me to read.
Well, the allergies are kicking in and we have about a million boxes to unpack so I’m off.
Have a great weekend! And don’t forget what I said about the conference. 🙂


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2 responses to “I Repeat Words

  1. Denece

    Do you mean when your are editing your heart out and you decide you want to indent a new paragraph or a quote or some awesome phrase you want to stand out and everything below it moves to the right as if you are changing the margin? Or…

    No, I have no idea what to do.

    I love my mac. I will never go back.

    IF this IS what is happening you’ve just skipped a step.

    You’ve have now pushed the undo and put it back the way it was.
    The computer thought you were just typing along. It didn’t know that this word, at this time, until you change things, again, happened to fall at the left margin. It thought you wanted the margin moved.
    Now that it is back the way it was–Go to the last word on the line above and hit return.
    Now the computer knows you are beginning anew.

    Was that the problem?

  2. Kyra

    Endless attempts but nothing seems to work.
    I’m hopeless


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