Three Things Tuesday Because My Kids are Outside Running Around Naked And I’m Blogging

First of all, have you seen this?  I think you’re awesome, Erin.

Also, did you see this? Carol left me a message about it but I’d already read the article and the comments.

And finally, I have more to say about this show. Tomorrow. Or sometime. If I remember.


All of these things are writing-related. Do you see how?


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12 responses to “Three Things Tuesday Because My Kids are Outside Running Around Naked And I’m Blogging

  1. Eating delicious cookies will make me be a better writer? A too literal reading of The Hunger Games can have a nasty affect? Instead of spending all my time hoarding fabrics I will never sew, I should be writing?

  2. Carol

    I could use the TP roll.
    I’m just saying.

  3. All three would make very intriguing yet disturbing characters…my kind of book. I would play the Katniss look-a-like (because I have always had this thing for bows and arrows in making me look very bad-ass) and I would be running away from the hoarder (scary, no matter how you look at it) and shooting the martha stewart character (because rubbing my nose in yet another talent I severely lack hurts my nose).

  4. Hey, thanks Anndee 🙂 I think you’re pretty darn awesome yourself. (I’m worried the producers of that Hoarders show could show up at my house and start asking questions about my craft supplies…)

  5. Denece

    Are you at the beach?
    It’s a bit chilly here for naked kids. 🙂
    I loved those days…

    We could add the naked kids, throw them on the beach with bows and arrows, and have the tide change the mood of the cookie lady into a split personality hoarder collecting teeth of adolescents vs delightful, endearing room-mother at school…who lives in an isolated cove, on the beach.


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