Three Things Wednesday that Equal Writing Exercises

1. Why are people crummy to each other? Poor Denece knows what I’m talking about. “Wait until after the conference,” she says.
I can’t, of course, because here I am complaining RIGHT THIS SECOND.
But . . .
Icky people can play a terrific part in a novel.
Remember to write realistic, icky people who are truly bad AND good.
Even the people who screwed you out of your rental deposit must have good in them, right?

So think of that icky person.
Write a list of all his or her good qualities.
Write a list of all his or her bad qualities.
What can you put in your novel that will make your character real?
How do you show a little of both and still make the bad bad?

Once I wrote a character and some critics said, “No one would ever act like that.”
And oh yes they would have because guess what? I lived with a person almost exactly like that only not as nice.
That said, I had not done enough as a writer to make the character full.
I tried to do better in Glimpse.

2.If you could write and publish ANY KIND OF BOOK, what would you write?
There has to be a list, yes?
Here are a few that I would work on:
a picture book
a super duper scary novel
a mystery
a cool cookbook
I would star in an exercise video
(She’s 85? She looks great!)

3. Why are you drawn to the TYPES of things you write?
I’d really LOVE to know this.
The reason probably changes as you change.
Think about it.
Is it money?
(I know several people who write simply to be famous. They aren’t such fun people.)

PS If anyone wants to know where NOT TO RENT, let me know.
That said, I think Denece is probably a VERY honest landlord who cares about her tenants.

So there.



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3 responses to “Three Things Wednesday that Equal Writing Exercises

  1. I love writing bad guys that are kind of funny and maybe have a soft spot for bunnies. Everyone has layers, even bad guys. No one is all bad or all good. Well, expect for crummy landlord who keep deposits. They’ re just bad, bad, bad!

    If I could publish any book it would have to be historical fiction. Because I love history . . . and fiction. I just want an excuse to read a lot of history books and watch Gone with the Wind a thousand times. I also would love to write a nonfiction book about moms who are not perfect and are okay with it. There would be a chapter entitled “Invite Friends Over to Your Dirty House. The real Friends Will Come Back.”

    I write YA because I still think like a teenager. I write supernatural stuff because I really wish I was a ghost fighter or vampire slayer.

  2. Denece

    A stupendous sexcapade. 🙂
    WHEN I write one I will need a nom de plume …I couldn’t live with so much fame. …So I should start thinking about one.
    Any ideas?

    And the icky evil antagonist in this timeless masterpiece will have an ugly catarrh: inflamation of a mucous membrane with increased production of MUCUS and excessive secretions.

    Why do I write?
    It is my love…one of my loves.

    Why do I write what I write?
    It’s WHO drops onto my lap. And my mood. And my dreams.
    IF what dribbles from my fingers tips is actually my repressed soul, then I need counseling!!!

  3. Denece

    Unsolicited Housing Advise. Rule #1. The management is as important as the location and facilities: (Ask past tenants)

    #7 is finally realizing that it’s time (past time if you ask me) to find student housing for this coming fall so she brought me a list.

    me: “Not there. I don’t like the managment. Not there. Bad management. Oh, that place is managed by…Check that one out. 🙂
    …I’d like to put you in one that I manage, how would you feel about that?”


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