Titles are the worst.

Why are titles so hard?

I have not named either of my two books and I have a feeling this next book is going to be the same. The problem with titles is they have to stand out, they have to be catchy, they have to reflect the feeling of the book, they have to be perfect  . . . . but they rarely are.

As I lay here in the heat of the night (that’s a title), I’m trying to think of examples of awesome titles.




What do you think? Do you have a title to your WIP? How tied are you to the title? Do you try to come up with a title in the beginning? Near the end? Do you not even worry about it?

I used to fret and think and brainstorm about what my books would be called. Now I don’t even try.

Also, i rode a bike today and i am wondering if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.

Plus we have pink eye around here.

And these are really delicious pancakes.


The end.

P.S. We never had our marathon party. We should all think about that. We should also think about sleeping. I like to sleep.



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3 responses to “Titles are the worst.

  1. Denece

    Titles are a favorite dinner conversation, esp on Sunday.
    “DID YOU KILL ANYBODY TODAY, MOM?” “Yeah, I’d read that book but….” “So, mom, what did the bishop want to talk to you about….” “Hey, mom, were you really taking notes in church or were you mmmmurrrdering somebody.”

    (Me, I think you should avoid the subject of titles)

    But. It would be fun to hear titles ideas from Van, the innocent: “I WANT SOMEBODY TO PLAY WITH ME.”

    (I’d volunteer my house and yard for the marathon party if you want. If you go for the pot-luck over a restaurant. Provo)

    (Dear Ann Dee, What’s sleep?)

  2. Joe

    When reading, or selecting something to read, titles are usually what grab me. Unfortunately, they are nor always accurate as a judgment tool.

    When I write I usually invent the title last, but I was gifted one, even though it is nowhere near completion:”Confessions of a Teenage Wannabe Dog-slayer.”


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