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My house

Today I am going to talk about setting.

Hi setting. How are you?

Okay. that is all.

Just kidding.

My house is a wonderful house that has a half painted ceiling, drooping rain gutters and a very special bathroom in my bedroom that has a hole down to the bedroom below. Want to sleepover?

I actually love my house despite it’s errr, eccentricities. There is one feature, though, that is a little hard because I am a spaz. We really only have one working bathroom  and in order to get to my room from the bathroom you have to turn a corner that is in plain view of the front door. This means that anyone can see me in my towel, bathrobe, or whatever I choose to wear as I make my way from shower to closet. You would think I would take measures to compensate for this–always bring a bathrobe to the bathroom, always have towels available, etc.–but alas, things happen. So very often I have to take a deep breath and then run as fast as I can into my bedroom. it’s very exciting.

The other thing. My closet is very small. Straight across from our closet is a big window that Cam always makes sure to leave open with the blinds up because I love natural light. The neighbors can see in our closet when the blinds are open.  And thus my problem. After my shower, instead of, you know, closing the blinds, I am always doing these secret maneuvers to get dressed without revealing anything. It’s pretty exhausting.

Cam once said, what are you doing?

I was trying to get a shirt on very very carefully. Uhh. I’m getting dressed.

Why are you sweating? Is getting dressed that difficult?

Yes. yes it is.

Okay. That’s enough for today of personal grooming/decency issues. This is all to say, setting and how a person treats a setting can reveal character. What does your MC’s bedroom look like? What does his closet look like? Does she make her bed? Does she get dressed while using towels to cover up or does she walk around naked all the time (I have another story about this but it’s not about me so I should not tell it)? Does he take long showers? Does he walk out in a robe? do guys wear robes?

Take some time to think about the exact bathroom/bedroom routine to find out more about that special someone you are living with in another life.

xoxo. Don’t be scared if you come to my house


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