Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

Good News

Mom figured out the ending to her DD novel. Well, I think she already had the ending. . .but she figured out the problems that she was having for I’m not sure how long. It seemed like a good while.

Congrats to my amazing Mother. She’s the best and I heart her.
She has also helped me figure out a few little bits in my novel that might make it a little bit easier to finish. What a great lady.

And to finish off I’m supposed to give you a little writing exercise {I always write exorcise first} Now they both look like they’re spelled wrong.
Anyway! Write a list of all the real problems you’re having in your novel. Pick one of those problems and work on just that one for the rest of the day. {Sorry this isn’t very thought out. . .I had a long night.}

If Friday is your day off then. . .just ignore that and have a glass of grapefruit juice and enjoy the last little bit of sun we’re going to have. Soon it will be gone.

Okay! Have a nice day!


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